Friday, July 01, 2011

There's Nothing Like Fun at the Ol' Ball Park

Yesterday seemed to be an excellent day to visit the Friendly Confines -- commonly known as Wrigley Field. I got a good deal on tickets on Stub Hub and was all set to go with my brother. This was to be an interesting day.

My brother had been sick for the past few days and said he'd better not go. I was ready to call my friend Gerry (who lives a short distance from Wrigley) when my brother made a last minute decision to go. So ... off to the commuter train station we went. Nothing eventful on the trip from the western suburbs into the city.

We walked downtown and got on the Red Line (Chicago Transit Authority -- "L" train) only to find ... no air conditioning! Yes -- just what you want on a day when the temperature and humidity are both high. I would guess that the hot ride took its toll on my brother, who bagan to feel dizzy as the game began. He really looked bad and I was prepared to leave the game early. I did not think that he would make it past the third inning. However, he hung in there and the game looked like a Cubs loss until Aramis Ramirez homered in the bottom of the  ninth inning to tie the game 1-1. Extra innings! I was ready to leave, but my brother said :One more inning." Well, the 10th inning came, then the 11th, then the 12th, then the 13th ...

A Giants home run in the top of the 13th inning seemed to be the blow that could not be overcome. The Cubs were down to their last strike when Jeff Baker doubled. Again, the Cubs were down to their last strike when Darwin Barney singled in Baker to tie the score. More innings, perhaps? Fortunately, Geovany Soto then hit a walk-off home run to win the game 5-2.

After celebrating, we hopped back on the L, then the commuter train back to my mom's house. Although the Cubs made one hell of an effort to win the game, I have to give the player of the game award to my brother -- an uber Cubs fan who sat through 13 innings in hot, humid weather despite nearly passing out several times. I am happy he was rewarded.


Blogger Lucki Duck said...

Visiting Wrigley is on my bucket list. Glad the game turned out well for the home team.

8:46 AM  
Blogger Memphis MOJO said...

It's on my bucket list, too.

3:02 PM  
Blogger KenP said...

Interesting! Two guys with the same goal on their bucket lists.

$8 Beers

8:22 AM  

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