Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Home Game #2 and a little Back to the Future

Night two of my three-game home game week is tonight. I have only played with this group once before, so I am still very unfamiliar with the players and their styles. I did find out, however, that the guy who bested me last time is a calling station who appeared to have a lucky night. If I had known him a little better I would have approached the final table a little differently. It looks like we will play a tournament with two tables followed by a cash game. Time for my run bad streak to end.

And ... I have brought back my blogroll from a link on my blog's main page to once again listing the blogs (with links, of course!) individually. I had saved the info from my old template and just copied it back in. Please note that I will be updating my list, so my more recent blogger friends are not yet on the list. I will link you up the first chance I get.


Blogger Memphis MOJO said...

Luck in the game!

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