Friday, March 02, 2012

Rocking the Home Games

Game two of my three-game home game week was on Tuesday night. This game, as I have mentioned previously, consists of several international students and computer techie types. I got the invite through my friend, Azi, who plays in the game with her husband, Mohammad. My first time at the home game I chopped second/third place money in the tournament and broke even in the wild cash game.

The tournament was unremarkable. The final three, in fact, were Azi, Mohammad, and me. I was the shortie. They usually chop when the final three are reached so that we can get to the cash games, but I wanted to take the sucker down. Azi had been running hot and had the huge stack. After she busted her husband, I told her I would come all the way back (down maybe 20-1 in chips!) and almost did. Unfortunately, I ran my suited K into K-Q, and that was it.

The cash game was really wild with this group of mostly loose players. People buy in for about $20-$30 with .05, .10, and .20 blinds. The raises, however, are way big for a game with this low buy in. People bet $1, $2, $3, ... with crapola. Unfortunately, I was getting zilch for cards and folded ... and folded ... and folded, until I finally got a hand: A-A! Of course, I was expecting to get my Aces cracked. I made a big re-raise pre-flop, which should have been screaming BIG HAND since I had been folding forever. I got two callers, however (one guy stayed in the pot with hopes of stacking the third player, Azi, who had a mountain of chips). The Ace on the flop told me that we were going to have fun. The turn was a second Queen, completing my boat. I had a feeling the Queen would pay off big time. It did, as Azi had a Queen in her hand. Suddenly -- boom, I hand a nice stack of chips. I got a few more decent hands and ended up with a tidy profit.

The final game was Wednesday night -- hosted by me with mostly softball teammates and a few other friends. We play an interesting mix of dealer's choice games including NL Hold em, Omaha, Five Card Draw, Follow the Queen, Black Mariah, Shit or Git, High/Low Chicago, Screw your Neighbor, ... There was plenty of drinking and plenty of laughing among friends. One player, Hollywood (nicknamed this because he is a professional singer and former actor), was the big winner. I ended up with a small profit -- perhaps the only other player on the plus side. More importantly, having da boyz over for a night of poker is a winner no matter what.

What to do this weekend? I am tempted to play in one of the tournaments in the Chicago Classic at Harrah's Horseshoe Hammond or hit the cash games there. The problem is the 2+ hour drive there and back, plus the wait in a registration line. I just might wait to see how lucky I feel.

Thanks for the read. May your monster hands hold!


Blogger grrouchie said...

Nice job on the home game circuit this time around - cashes everywhere.

If you go to the tourney good luck

8:05 AM  
Blogger Memphis MOJO said...

GL in the tourney or ca$h games!

11:58 PM  
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