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The REAL Story: Playing in an SNG with Very Josie

"Some people handle the truth carelessly; Others never touch it at all." -- Anonymous

Yes, truth is oftentimes a difficult concept to grasp. I try to tell my kids in this computer-driven world not to believe everything they read. The need for critical analysis is always present. Just because someone says something does not mean it is true. With this as a preamble, I will attempt to give my readers an accurate version of my experience in playing in a friendly SNG with Very Josie last night.

"That's the thing about poker--sometimes even the bad players win. Otherwise, they'd just quit playing." -- Poker Grump

As I tweeted last night, Poker Grump, as always, is spot on. His other tweet -- "What do you get out of it? I mean, it's not like there's much to brag about in beating Josie at poker" solidifies his reputation as being among the most isightful and intelligent bloggers. That being said ...  : o )

I invited our Princess to play in a one table SNG at Black Chip Poker last night. It sounded like it might be fun. It really wasn't. Now you have to remember that Joe C can be a pretty good tournament player. I have played against her enough to know how she operates. I know exactly how to play her. That does not mean that I will always win, but I certainly do not lack confidence in playing her. However, she rarely acknowledges that she is perhaps among the most lucky poker players I have ever seen. You know how most of us cry and complain (foreshadowing here) about the turn or river card that screwed us? Josie's online poker life consists of being the person who has an uncanny knack of catching great cards, then having dimwits at the table who gift her their chips. I mean geez -- in the first couple of minutes of an SNG she hit two full houses and got paid off on both? While I was getting 8-2os and the like she suddenly tripled up? What poker god did she "service" to continually get such good fortune?

"I hit another boat a couple minutes later, bullied Lightning with my chipstack, cuz that's how I roll and then he was out." -- Very Josie

Uh ... not accurate at all. As I recall, Josie raised me once when I held little, so I folded. However, she seems to forget that I purposely raised her several times and got her to back down. Play was tricky since our Princess tripled up early and I was down a few chips, but I got back to the starting stack and up a couple hundred when I finally got a legit hand -- Q-Q. I induced someone at the table to go all in pre-flop, and he showed 10-10. Of course, you all know what happened next: the turn was a 10 and I was out instead of doubling up and being second in chips at the table -- and within spitting distance of you know who. This same donk who made the awful move against me was apparently astute enough to snooker our Princess at the end, felting her when he flopped a set of 5's.

So there you have it -- the TRUE story of what happened when Josie and I played an SNG at BCP last night. I declined to play another game. There was certainly no fear in playing against Josie, just a tired resignation that excellent online poker play is oftentimes rewarded with a kick in the nuts, and I was unwilling to have them bruised again that night.

Oh yeah -- Josie said to mention that she is wonderful. Done.


Blogger Josie said...

Details, details.

Dontcha worry grump & Gary didn't fair better..

I played horribly hu against that douche. I never should've come in second.

Anyway I thought it was fun. Rematch? :)

3:44 PM  
Blogger lightning36 said...

I got away with calling you Princess THREE times without you mentioning it? That is a HUGE victory in itself!

3:50 PM  
Blogger Josie said...


3:52 PM  
Blogger grrouchie said...

Lightning - by now you should KNOW to NOT get all in Pre Flop against Pocket 10's as they have a knack of hitting the set and knocking you out of the game.

6:14 PM  
Blogger Rob said...

You didn't answer the only important question.

Is the "36" in "LightNing36" a reference to Josie's chest?

8:23 PM  
Blogger lightning36 said...

Sorry Rob, but 36 has always been my favorite number ever since I was number 36 on the student list in my third grade class.

5:09 AM  

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