Sunday, August 05, 2012

Home Game Results

Last night's home game started off with a bit of fun. I had just gotten done working out and was on my way back home from the grocery store when I noticed that I'd missed a call on my cell phone. The number was unfamiliar to me and I waited until I got home to check my voice mail. It turns out that the missed call was a dial-a-shot call from Instant Tragedy, who was enjoying the evening at Okie-Vegas. I returned the call and was able to talk to a few people (including Tragedy and BamBam). My shot of choice -- vodka!

The home game provided an interesting evening of play. Azi, the only woman at the table, was all in for two of the first three hands! Azi is smart and a very good player and immediately started building a castle of chips that would be in front of her for the entire evening. My regular home game friends were warned that the games would be loose and aggressive, but I think they were shocked at the extent of it. Three of the four lost money -- one or more buy ins. Azi made $100 on the night and Alireza, usually a guy giving away some money, caught some great cards including a few killer rivers and ended up over $200! Not bad for a little $.05/.10 action! I received crappy cards until the final hour of play and ended up losing a little bit. One of the smart remarks of the night was how nice it was of me to host this game where I watched everyone play!

It will be interesting to hear the feedback of the regular home game players who got taken to the cleaners. I am sure that I will get an earful at my softball game tomorrow evening.


Blogger KenP said...

how nice it was of me to host this game where I watched everyone play!

Response you come up with a day later:
And you will notice the complete lack of dealing seconds as a result.

5:17 AM  
Blogger KenP said...

P.S. Just wondering how many week of vacation the state grants its hardest working employee/managers.

(At one time the steel mills gave 26 weeks to 20 year employees. But that was on a one time basis.}

5:25 AM  

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