Saturday, December 15, 2012

For Sale: First Generation Pandora Handheld

Any geekified gamers out there wanting to get their hands on a Pandora? Back when Pandora was still in its initial production phase (each one made individually), my son saved up his money and we pre-ordered one. About, oh ... 18 months later, he finally got his Pandora. Unfortunately, he lost his enthusiasm for the Pandora during that time and barely played with the device.

This is information about Pandora that I borrowed from other sources:

From's homepage:

Fully open system - not locked down in any way.

Play, Code, Compile, Surf the Net. Anywhere.

Boot from internal NAND or any other OS from SD Card

Created to be used with Linux.

Driven by Community

Wifi, Bluetooth, USB 2.0 Host, TV Out, Two SDHC Card slots

Fast CPU and 3D GPU, 800x480 4,3" Touchscreen.

Dual Analogue and Digital gaming controls

43 button QWERTY and numeric keypad

Around 10+ Hours battery life (yes, really!)


Texas Instruments OMAP3530 system-on-chip

ARM Cortex-A8 CPU @600 MHz

PowerVR SGX530 @110 MHz

IVA2+ audio and video processor with TMS320C64x+ DSP Core @430 MHz using DaVinci technology

256MiB DDR-333 SDRAM

512MB NAND flash memory

Integrated Wi-Fi 802.11b/g

Integrated Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR (3 Mbit/s) (Class 2, +4dBm)

800×480 resolution touchscreen LCD, 4.3" widescreen, 16.7 million colors (300 cd/m2 brightness, 450:1 contrast ratio)

Dual SDHC card slots (currently supporting up to 32GB of storage each, supports SDIO)

Gamepad controls with 2 shoulder buttons

Dual analog nubs; 15mm diameter, concave, 2.5mm travel from centre

43 button QWERTY and numeric keypad

USB 2.0 high-speed port (480Mbit/s) capable of providing standard 500 mA current to attached devices, USB On-The-Go supporting charging Pandora

Externally accessible UART for hardware hacking and debugging

Internal microphone plus ability to connect external microphone through headset

Headphone output up to 150 mW/channel into 16 ohms, 99 dB SNR

TV output (composite and S-Video, both for PAL and NTSC)

Brick prevention with integrated bootloader for safe code experimentation

Runs the Linux kernel (2.6.x for older versions, 3.2 in the latest Super Zaxxon firmware from July 2012)

4200 mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery

Estimated 8.5–10+ hour battery life for games, 10+ hour battery life for video and general applications, 100+ hours for music playback (with maximum power management), and 450+ hours in suspend-to-ram

Dimensions: 140.29×83.48×29.25 mm (5.523×3.287×1.152 in) (314 ml) (5.51×3.27×1.06 in)

Mass: 320 g (0.71 lb)

My son currently has the Pandora listed on ebay. However, any offers or inquiries could also be sent to me.


Blogger grrouchie said...

I missed out on the initial pre-order phase and then became glad because of the horribly slow production run.

I honestly want this off of him but tis the season where I'm broke worse than TBC after all my xmas shopping and cannot afford to buy it off of him!

Hope he gets a pretty penny for it

12:39 AM  

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