Saturday, February 02, 2013

Heading Out to Las Vegas

The long journey away from home and to Las Vegas begins this afternoon. I'll take an early morning flight to Las Vegas Sunday morning and hope to get in some exciting Super Bowl poker action at The Mirage. If not at The Mirage, then perhaps Harrah's or some other room offering fun specials.

If I am lucky, I will cross paths with novelist Rob Sunday night, before he heads back home. I trust that at some point I will be slinging some cards with TBC somewhere on Boulder Highway, or better yet, terrorizing the O-8 regs at Suncoast Casino.

Other plans are currently up in the air. I will not have internet access but can take text messages from those who have my cell phone number. If anyone tweets me (@lightning36) I will be notified on my cell phone.

I'll be staying four nights at Bally's. If at all possible, I'd like to hit three food places: Yayo Taco, Rincon De Buenos Aires and In-N-Out Burger. No fancy places for this guy!

I will be happy to bask in some of the nice Las Vegas weather. Temperatures are supposed to be in the 60's. That sounds pretty good as I gaze out at a patch of snow outside my bedroom window.

So ... if you are in Las Vegas this coming week, hit me up!

Catch you on the flip side ...


Blogger AgSweep said...

Have a great trip!!!Check out my favorite breakfast spot at the Flamingo right next to Sin City Brewing. The pastry place has a guy who makes breakfast sandwiches to order in the morning (bagels, eggs, bacon sausage, croissants etc)then you can take your sandwiches and sit out on the sin city brewing deck and enjoy the quiet of the gardens and listen to the birds.

3:14 PM  
Blogger The Poker Meister said...

In N Out is the bees knees! I had me some INO this week in San Diego - it never fails to impress. I even introduced a few fellow east-coaster coworkers to it and they loved it too.

Enjoy Vegas and win lots of moola! And don't get angry... never play angry.

3:27 PM  
Blogger FlushDraww said...

Have a safe, fun, and profitable trip

4:40 PM  
Blogger Zin said...

Good luck, have a safe trip.

5:00 PM  
Blogger Lucki Duck said...

Have fun! Hope you win all the monies!

6:58 PM  
Blogger Memphis MOJO said...

Bon voyage!

7:44 PM  
Blogger sevencard2003 said...

why dont the flushmeister stop in here on his way back from cali, and i wish ud hang out with grump at the palms sunday, then id go and see u both. not sure how ill be feeling otherwise, about to write an extremely angry blog post im advised not to write, out of extreme anger after throwing away $400 at samstown today. poker Johnny also likes watching the superbowl at the palms, but this year hes going to be with someone else eating. i tried to get him to come instead. u are lucky ill even be in vegas i should leave immediately and give up my room and moms incoming package, to avoid throwing away everything i have left in the machines.

8:29 PM  
Blogger Rakewell said...

Don't tell Josie you're eating at Rincon. She'll fly into a jealous rage.

11:55 PM  
Blogger Pete P. Peters said...

Have fun and good luck, sir!

10:54 AM  
Blogger nailedontheriver said...

Best of luck for the trip, don,t blow yer roll!

11:29 AM  
Blogger PokahDave said...

win a tourney for once won't you? Good luck..

4:21 PM  
Blogger DonkeyTax said...

hey man was nice meeting you out here, well have to put in some time at the tables sometime, did end up stacking tony more or less on accident while playing like a jackass, had already decided i was playing for #$ts and giggles that night and raised j4s utg, long story short cracked tonys ppAA, wasnt his night.


1:57 AM  

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