Friday, June 28, 2013

Keeping Things in Perspective

Life Run Bad
I hate to be a real downer  -- especially on a Friday -- but recently I have just been struck with a ton of bad news about people I know. I have mentioned some in a previous post.

1) Skin cancer in a member of my staff. She is dealing with it pretty well.
2) Staff member whose brother was missing? His body was found. He apparently killed himself.
3) Former co-worker who has been living with Stage IV breast cancer for several years is going through yet another clinical trial, hoping to prolong her life. Her double mastectomy was the least of her worries.
4) Co-worker recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer is back in ICU and was given four pints of blood last night. Things are not looking good.

Earlier in the week I got a call from my daughter informing me that her (my) car would not get into gear. Broken shifter cable. Cha ching! But you know what -- it's only money.

Boyfriend (cat) is still missing. Trying not to give up hope. Keeping this in perspective due to the previously mentioned personal struggles of friends.

Stanley Cup Champs
On a positive note, I am watching coverage of the Chicago Blackhawks championship parade and rally this morning. I considered going to Chicago for it, but I went to a few of these madhouse celebrations when the Bulls were winning their six championships. Watching the action on big screen monitors and dealing with several hundred thousand people? I think I'll watch it from my living room this year.

Special thanks to buddy PokahDave, a rabid Boston sports fan whose allegiance to the Bruins and subsequent wager with me basically paid for this little item I picked up yesterday:

Enjoy your weekend!


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