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Las Vegas Trip Report Part II: Birthday Bacchanal Buffet and Burgers along with Boats Beat Bonanza Beginning

The King of Komps celebrated his birthday on Tuesday, September 3, and our plan was to go to the Caesars Palace Bacchanal Buffet. We had read and heard many good things about it. We were not disappointed. Even if someone wanted an everyday treat, it was there.

And a picture that reminded me of Very Josie:

Yes - red velvet mini moon pies!

The King of Komps greatly enjoyed this birthday buffet.

Our buffet timing was exquisite. We got there at 10:30 a.m. so that we could get the breakfast food and price, and then also get the benefit of the switch over to the lunch menu. When we got to the buffet, nobody was in line! And, just to satisfy people who know I am always looking for "the deal," we each had $5 off our buffet from a coupon given to us when we checked in at Paris. Of course, the meal was paid for with my Total Rewards comps anyway, but still.  : o ).

How do I rate the buffet? Excellent! I would definitely have to say that it is tied for my favorite Las Vegas buffet along with The Wicked Spoon.

After brunch, I just sat outside Caesars Palace on that beautiful Las Vegas morning and watched the people walking to and fro. At times like that I feel especially thankful for the many good things that have happened in my life. Of course, I should have felt the impending equalizers ...

I decided to play some $1/3 NL at Bellagio. I did quite well there in a short session last trip. This trip, however, Bellagio was the beginning of my first of three boat-over-boat frustrations.

I was down a little from my $200 buy in. The villain had about $300 behind. I was dealt pocket 3's and attempted limped in along with a few other people. A guy in late position raised to $12 and others came along, as did I. The flop was K-K-5. Everyone checked, and the flop brought a beautiful 3. I decided against leading out and figured that the initial raiser would take a stab at the pot. He raised a weak $15 and I check raised him to $40. He called. The river: another 5! I knew I was sunk and checked. He put out a $15 value bet which I had to call. He, of course, had a King, although in my frustration I missed what his other card was. Suck and resuck. Sheesh.

I played another orbit or two, but the table appeared to have decent and tight players, so I figured it would be best to head to Bally's. It was time for a repeat performance.

I bought in for $200 and was getting few hands to play and was feeling somewhat frustrated. I got a table change and chipped up a bit and had a good feeling. But again, the cards were slow in coming. I was dealt pocket Snowmen in early position and decided to raise to $8. Everyone folded until a guy in late position raised to $30. Unfortunately, this guy had been away from the table some and I had no idea how he played. His stack appeared to be bigger than mine and I just had one of those feelings. Now, my more analytic friends might not subscribe much to feelings and premonitions, but what the heck -- I envisioned his stack becoming mine! I called the $30 raise and saw a flop of A-8-7! Yowsa -- a great flop!

I led out and the villain called. The turn was a 7, giving me the full house. I raised, he re-raised, I pushed all in and he called. The river was inconsequential and we turned over our cards. Damned if he didn't have A-A for the higher full house. I was shocked. Stack gone. Sheesh. Time for a poker break.

Later that evening I was getting hungry and planned to go with the KoK to Planet Hollywood so he could finish off his birthday evening with a lobster roll at Lobster ME. However, upon entering Planet Hollywood, we saw virtually no line for Gordon Ramsay BurGR. Fellow poker blogger Ag Sweep had highly recommended the place and said that there was always a huge line. The KoK had seen the enormous line earlier, so we quickly changed plans. That was a good decision.

The highlight of the meal: the Truffle Parmesan Fries.

I ordered the Farm Burger, which came with a fried egg, duck breast bacon and cheddar cheese. It was very good. And of course ... all paid for by Total Rewards comps!

After the late dinner, I decided to donk around on some slots. I noticed a hooker smiling at me and made a quick tweet. I turned around to sneak one last look and she was staring at me, smiling. Ut oh.
She sat down next to me and asked "Can I borrow a dollar?" How funny! After a bit I moved to a different area but came back. She again approached me and pointed out the number of free games I could win on a different machine. I guess I come off more as pathetic than cheap! Just a funny end to an interesting day.


Blogger ~Coach said...

I hate impending equalizers... Hey, did you ever get to use any Total Rewards comps? :)

1:18 PM  
Blogger Memphis MOJO said...

"Damned if he didn't have A-A for the higher full house."

Ouch. Even against a nit, you're just going to lose your stack.

1:54 PM  
Blogger thundering36 said...

The title for this entry really should have been:

"after reading this blog post, the owners of Caesars should send me a nice big check for advertising them so well."

That was probably the best food day I've ever had in Vegas. And a $3 movie at Sam's Town to top it off!

10:34 PM  
Blogger ManInBlack said...

Hopefully this hooker was younger and better looking then the last one we saw

1:15 AM  

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