Saturday, September 14, 2013

Las Vegas Trip Report Part III: Deuces Wild, Tony Bigcharles and "I Love Vegas"

On Wednesday, September 4, the King of Komps and I headed out to Green Valley Ranch to have lunch. Of course, no trip would be complete without donking at least a few slots. Thanks to bloggers The Neophyte (and his wife the Poker Queen), Lucki Duck and Pete P Peters, I now Must Play Immediately after too much exposure to video poker, especially Deuces Wild. Some Deuces Wild porn, just for them:

I still have yet to hit four deuces. However, I am getting ready to abandon my training wheels and move above the five cents game. I found out that a local pizza place not far from home has a legal quarter Deuces Wild game. Hmmm ...

My next session at Bally's saw me have another wonderful hand. I was gathering a very nice stack when I was in the small blind with 3-4os. Many had limped in, so of course, I completed. The flop: 3-4-4! Yowsa. It checked all around and a King came on the flop. Hoping that someone had a King, I raised and was called by the button. Hmmm. The river was a rag and I led the betting. The button raised and I then raised. He debated what he was going to do, and for the first time I thought there was a chance I had the second best hand. He decided to just call and asked if I had quads. He then flipped over K-K, which totally surprised me. With a table of limpers, he slow played pocket Kings on the button! And to then hit the two-outer on the turn? Sheesh. This was the third time in 36 hours that I had lost boat over boat. Of course, I also won a quads over quads hand, but that only was memorable because the woman who lost the hand, a local who is about as bad as they come, never should have even been in the hand on the river.

That evening I made a run out to Tony Bigcharles' apartment to check on his internet connection. We then attempted to play some NL poker at Boulder Station, but seeing none going, went to Sam's Town to play some $2/4 Limit.

One thing I know about myself is that I am not a good Hold em Limit player. I have done well in Omaha 8 Spread Limit, but that is certainly much different. I played like crap and lost my buy-in. Even worse, I might have folded the best hand once when my attention drifted. I am not sure, however. I minimally staked Tony, who lost most of his stack when a big stack at the table chased a flush and hit it on the river. Tony was pretty upset and started shaking, but he actually held off blowing up, although he did pitch his cards toward the dealer and got reprimanded by people at the table. Just not a good night for either of us.

I dropped Tony off at his apartment to pay for his internet access and headed back to Ballys. One guy, Jack, came to the table shortly after me, then proceeded to hit several big hands in a row. He started drinking a lot, saying time after time "You know what? I love Vegas." He got several people drinking, including a crusty old guy who was angry with me for now showing a hand a re-raised him on. I must admit, I drank my share too. It was fun, but I needed a big hand. It came when I was dealt pocket 2's, called a raise by Jack and saw a flop of K-2-rag. Jack made a big raise and I re-raised. I was fairly certain he had A-K. He debated and even said "I bet you have pocket deuces." However, he couldn't lay down his hand, went all in, and had his guess confirmed. He said that he had A-K, but I never saw his cards.

Anyway, I won a huge stack, which had me set for the rest of the session. Jack was a good guy in that he didn't grouse about losing his chips. Amazingly, he hit some good hands again and proceeded to build his stack way back up again. We kept having drinks and saying "You know what? I love Vegas!" Night like that are what I live for.


Blogger Tony Bigcharles said...

sams town, doesnt offer, and has never offered, $2-4 limit. ask anyone in vegas. All samstown offers, is omaha8 stud, and spread limit holdem.

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