Sunday, October 06, 2013

For All the Breaking Bad Fans ...

You might have not known it before but likely do now, the song featured at the end of the Breaking Bad final episode was the 1972 classic Baby Blue by Badfinger. In fact, I recently included this song in one of several posts of my top five favorite songs of all time. I was elated to see that it was chosen for the end of the series.

The song was most fitting for Breaking Bad. How many other bands have such a tragic history, including two members (lead singer Pete Ham and bass player Tom Evans) hanging themselves?

Two versions -- first a "live" one:

And, of course, Breaking Bad:

Guess I got what I deserve
Kept you waiting there, too long my love
All that time, without a word
Didn't know you'd think, that I'd forget, or I'd regret
The special love I have for you
My baby blue

All the days became so long
Did you really think I'd do you wrong
Dixie, when I let you go
Thought you'd realize, I would know, I would show
The special love I have for you
My baby blue

What can I do, what can I say?
Except that I want you by my side
How can I show you? Show me a way
Don't you know, the times I tried

Guess that's all I have to say
Except the feeling just gets stronger everyday
Just one thing, before I go
Take good care, baby let me know, let it show
The special love you have for me
My Dixie dear


Blogger Memphis MOJO said...

including two members (lead singer Pete Ham and bass player Tom Evans) hanging themselves?

That truly is awful.

12:42 PM  
Anonymous qdpsteve said...

Memphis/Lighting, the story of Badfinger is just maddening when you read it. They had so much talent and promise, but were surrounded-- literally-- by piranhas in the music business. Between Apple Records not knowing what the #*@& it was doing and their manager Stan Polley openly hiding money from them, I'm amazed they continued making any decent music at all.

What *should* have happened is for McCartney and Lennon to gift them money until the Badfinger members could get rid of Polley, but they didn't. Why they didn't, I'll never understand. Ham and Evans made millions upon millions of dollars for them and Apple, yet both of them died penniless, from what I've read.

1:25 PM  
Blogger Lester said...

This is the source for Todd's cell phone ringtone at the send of the season finale:

8:47 AM  
Blogger angerisagift said...

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9:38 AM  
Blogger ManInBlack said...

I am gonna miss Breaking Bad.

4:17 PM  
Blogger jusdealem said...

I didn't know the story about the Badfinger members. Tragic. My husband was hooked on Breaking Bad, I only saw one episode. I'm lame obv. lol

11:00 AM  

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