Saturday, January 25, 2014

Bad Cancer Situation -- Help Desperately Needed

Readers and friends might remember that almost four years ago, I was faced with some potentially devastating news: my 15 year old son had been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Everything that happened in the next couple of weeks after that was a whirlwind. He was treated at Mayo Clinic, had surgery, and fortunately everything happened so fast that there was little time to absorb or even feel much of anything. You become intensely focused on the task at hand.

To see your child in such a vulnerable position is heartbreaking. Fortunately, with great medical care and the support of many family and friends (a special shout out to Oh Captain, who spent several hours keeping me company during that difficult week), my family got past this.

My son now:

We were lucky -- very lucky. He didn't even have to suffer through chemotherapy or radiation treatments. I have excellent health insurance through my employer, so all the medical expenses at Mayo were paid.

Everyone isn't so lucky. Good friend and former poker blogger Very Josie has a nephew who needs help. Badly. Please check out her post at this link. And to donate, this link.

Although I have always appreciated what I have, I have begun to appreciate it even more as I have become ... ummm ... chronologically older. If you have a few bucks you can spare, please consider giving to someone who really needs it. Prayers, karma and good thoughts are also helpful.

Life is short and precious. We are all in this together.



Blogger Josie said...

Thank you John, for always caring. Xoxo

3:07 PM  

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