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Slot Lounges and Upcoming Las Vegas Trip

My Local Slot Lounge

Limited video poker and slot machines have been legal in my state for some time. Most times, these machines can be found in bars and restaurants. Lately, however, some new places have opened in the area -- places I refer to as slot lounges. They generally feature only a few machines (both lounges in the immediate area have five -- their limit?) which have multiple game choices. Free snacks and soft drinks are available, and pre-made sandwiches and beer are available for purchase.

Several weeks ago I received a mailing with a coupon to receive a free scratch card which would award me some free play. Am I the kind of guy who would turn down this offer?

I have now gone to the closest lounge three times. The first time I used my promo money to bank a tidy little profit. Mind you, I am just playing at the lowest levels for relaxation and to see just how loose/tight these machines are. But I must tell you, that first session, which included hitting the bonus time after time (Lotus Flower), was a ton of fun. The machine cooled off eventually, and I looked forward to my next session to give it another try.

On my second session, I got the bonus a few times and was up, then the machine went cold and I cashed out even. The lounges are open until midnight, which is perfect for a guy like me that enjoys late evening activities. Also, I found that going during the day doesn't always work so well since a regular crowd of day people go there. Remember, there are only five machines. One time I went I was unable to play as all the machines were occupied and one person was waiting to get on.

Last night I went after 11:00 p.m. for session number three. I was surprised to see that four people were still playing. I got on a new machine and played a game called Hit the Pig. Ding! Bonus after bonus hit and I cashed out with another little profit.

The atmosphere in the lounge is friendly. It is not a bad option to mash a few buttons in the late evening. It has been fun -- for now, at least.

Next Las Vegas Trip

I am heading out to Sin City a little later in summer than I usually do. My brother is retiring from his job in northern Arizona and I am going out for his retirement party. And, amazingly, Mrs. lightning is actually going with me this time! This means, however, that my usual Las Vegas routine will have some ... uhhh ... adaptations.

We arrive in Las Vegas on Friday, July 11 late in the afternoon. In what will be a first for me, we are staying downtown that first night. On Saturday we are driving to Arizona for the party, staying overnight, then returning to Las Vegas on Sunday and staying on the Strip for three nights.

Having my wife on the trip means cutting down on my marathon cash game sessions. Heck, I think I might return to playing a small tournament or two this trip. We are going to see a Cirque show (shows exist in Las Vegas?) and El Cheapo is actually springing for some spa services for my wife. We might fit in a meal at Guy Fiere's Vegas Kitchen and Bar in The Quad ($30 for a burger and fries?) and, of course, In-N-Out will see us at least once This will be quite a different trip, but not nearly as different as the non-gambling trip Las Vegas trip I took six years ago.

So ... the regular routine will not be in force. However, if any of my Las Vegas friends or any readers will be in town then, hit me up when I am in town to see what my time availability is.

Time for one last poker trip before heading to Anime Midwest with my daughter this weekend. Cheers!


Blogger Pete P. Peters said...

Will you be going to Reno? Or will Tony be coming to you in Vegas? Also, any truth to the rumor TBC will be our guest on the Arizona road trip?

These are the types of opportunities that lock up Chairman of the IC . . . at least for those who are opportunistic.

1:59 PM  
Blogger ManInBlack said...

adaption? So does this mean no old hookers and In & Out Burger with the guys?

2:42 PM  
Blogger angerisagift said...

yeah,they had those slot lounges in Florida too. but with 100s on machines. also,here in colorado ,they just open a bingo/slot lounge down the street. SWEET. downtown vegas/fremont. eat some fried twinkies/oreos 4 me ,professor.

3:17 PM  
Blogger Memphis MOJO said...

Am I the kind of guy who would turn down this offer?

Does a bear go in the woods?

5:41 PM  
Blogger Cranky said...

Enjoy your LV trip with the missus! We have seen Mystere and O and I loved Mystere and liked O. I think my enjoyment of O suffered from the crappy seating they had for wheelchairs .... waaaaay back. Mystere we have gone to 4 times ... that's how much we loved it. Enjoy the show!

6:56 PM  
Blogger The Neophyte said...

Sounds like fun even if your time in the card room is cut down a bit. Then again you can get in some quality couples time monkey mashing together on the VP machines. In and Out is good but I may have to swear them off. No Mayo In The Building. That's not right.

8:20 PM  
Blogger angerisagift said...

P3 u forgot to mention hooking up his window a/c unit. that is a clincher

5:34 AM  

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