Friday, April 24, 2015

Heck of a Week -- An Illness and Some Bad News for Two Friends

Coming to you straight from the lightning36 bedroom ...
No, I am not going to post any risqué pictures  -- although I am sure there are a least a few women out in the cyberworlds disappointed to hear this. I have spent many hours in my bed this week just being sick. Flu shots have made me pretty resilient to most colds and the like the past several years, but whatever got to me this week got me good.

However, with a bunch of time spent at home and with the ability to reflect, I try to remember that life, overall, has treated me really well. I've made many friends over the years and share with them in their good times and their bad. Unfortunately, this was an awful week for two of my friends. My old college buddy JB, who was very close to his mother, lost her early in the week. She was in her 80's and not in great health. She recently had a stoke and only lasted for a few days afterward.

Fellow poker blogger and good guy Nick -- cokeboy99 -- unexpectedly lost his father yesterday. Nick's dad was not very old and not having major health issues, which certainly makes that loss extremely difficult for Nick and his family. You can click on the link above to get to Nick's blog. I'm sure he would appreciate any prayers, virtual hugs, good karma and kind thoughts.

My next post: something special. Enjoy your weekend!


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