Saturday, February 06, 2016

Good Eating on the Cheap the lightning36 Way

Sometimes some of my online friends like to post pictures of the food and drinking they are having for dinner. If the friend is Pete P. Peters, you can bet that there will be a picture of a glass of Cabernet (usually Stags' Leap or Jordan ) followed by a picture of a grilled filet mignon -- served in a nice restaurant, u see. If the friend is Alysia Chang, you can bet that there will be a picture of some tasty-looking alcoholic beverage followed by a picture of sushi or the like -- also at a fine restaurant, u see again. However, I am not exactly a fine restaurant type of guy. And, being a guy who is naturally cheap and will soon be cutting a five figure check for tuition for two kids in college, simple, uncomplicated and good works well for me.

Yesterday my wife informed me that she was going to dinner and a movie with a friend, leaving me to fend for myself and procure dinner for my daughter. For my girl, the task was easy -- pick up some sushi at a local grocery store.

For me? Well, I decided to go with an 8 oz. strip steak.

 I prepared it simply -- seasoned with a freshly cracked pepper medley and Himalayan Mineral Salt and pan fried in olive oil.
Cost: $4.00

To accompany the steak, a salad.
Cost: approximately $.20

To enhance the dinner, some Cajun crab dip and chips.
 Cost: approximately $.25

To drink, a bottle of a nice Belgian Ale.
Cost: $.83

Total cost of my steak, salad, crab dip and ale dinner: $5.28 plus tax. And okay -- I did have a deli chocolate chip cookie and frozen fruit and veggie bar for dessert. Cost: approximately $1.06

TOTAL: $6.34

Cheaper and healthier than even the Las Vegas Ellis Island steak special.

So yeah, if you are wondering, this is how I roll, baby!

Disclaimer: I got home and was starving and gobbled up the dinner. I didn't think of making a post about it until later. Therefore, the pictures of food came from the internet. 


Anonymous Anonymous said...

But you h@d to go out @nd buy it @nd cook it yourself. PPP h@s people to do th@t for him. #america

Jeff in MN

9:54 PM  
Blogger thundering36 said...

Your disclaimer is unnecessary. I'm sure that anyone who knows you, would have known the pics weren't of actual food that you fixed. As if... lol, u see...

9:58 PM  
Blogger angerisagift said...

no dessert??

1:02 AM  
Blogger Memphis MOJO said...

Sounds scrumptious.

5:18 PM  

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