Sunday, January 01, 2017

Brief 2016 Year Review in Pictures - Part I


Nice trip to Scottsdale, crappy sessions of poker. Meh.

Met up with Lester (above) and James at Ho-Chunk Casino, Wisconsin Dells.

Trip to Las Vegas. Liking the Mirage poker.

Selfie with Michelle. And yes - I did wash my shirt!

Everyone should have a private Uber driver.

Another good session at Mirage. Why do I play elsewhere?

Even the local casino was treating me right!


This blog turned ten. Who'd have believed it.

Went to an exceptional concert in a small venue.


April must have been one dull month. Nothing much memorable happened. Little did I know that was the lull before the storm.

With my mom on Mothers Day before my trip to Las Vegas.

Just AC and Michelle having a little "fun" at AC's digs.

Clowning around with Flushhdraw at Johnny Rocket's.

MGM chip porn.

Aria chip porn while playing with Mr. Subliminal.

After my excellent trip to Las Vegas, things started falling apart in late May when my wife lost her job for no good reason. Little did I know that things would get even worse.


Unfortunately, the picture of my mom and me that I posted for May was the last picture we had taken together. She passed away on June 16 after a torturous week of the family watching her slowly pass away. Fortunately, the weekend brought us some relief as my family celebrated my son's 22nd birthday

The lightning36 clan

So the year that started out fun and with lots of promise suddenly turned to crap in May and June. Little wonder that I, along with many others, can't wait for this friggin' year to end.

Part II to come ...


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