Monday, January 01, 2018

One Hand at Harrah's New Orleans

Mrs. lightning and I recently returned from a short trip we took to New Orleans between Christmas and New Year's Eve. I was able to get in several sessions of $1/3 NL at Harrah's New Orleans in between general walking around, eating and drinking -- which, of course, is tourist life in the French Quarter.

The scene: I was felted in my first session when I took on the table aggro-donk. I came over the top on him with my top pair, top kicker. He called with a draw and hit it. In my second session, I got back some of what I lost previously. It was my third session. I was in seat #10 with about $700 in front of me. I was now in the black on the trip. I had been playing tight-aggressive. Seat #1 appeared to be a little older than me. He was playing about 75% of the hands and had lucksacked his way to a big stack. He then lost most of it and had about $500 in front. Seat #5 had won some big hands with good cards and had also bluffed his way to a few pots -- bluffs that he happily showed. He had about $1,000 in chips.

I was satisfied with my session win and was getting ready to cash out and head back to my hotel. I decided to play one more orbit. I had only two hands left before my big blind, which I didn't plan on playing. And of course, what happened? I was put to the test. I was dealt A-K sooted and raised to $16 or $18. Seat #1, as expected, called. Seat #5 raised to $70. He knew I had been playing tight and he knew that Seat #1 was calling just about everything. I was guessing that with A-K sooted I was in the lead, but both these guys had been hitting cards like crazy. I thought that calling would be weak. I needed to fold or raise. I also knew that with both players and the way they played previous hands that we would soon be playing  for stacks. I went in the tank and eventually folded. Among other things, I just didn't feel luck that day. As expected, Seat #1 called. As I began racking up my chips, the flop came: 10-A-10. Dang! I was pissed at myself for being a wuss. Surely any chips I had left, if any, would have gone in after the flop. How did the hand play out? The conclusion to the hand will be posted after pictures.
I didn't see the turn as I was racking up my chips. Seat #5 raised and Seat #1 pushed all in. Seat #5 called. I also missed the river. Seat #5 turned over his cards: Q-10 sooted! As I suspected, his initial raise was bullshit, but dang - he murdered the flop and would have taken all my chips. But ... as you might have guessed, the bigger lucksack in Seat #1 caught a straight and doubled up from Seat #5, who was extremely unhappy to have lost half his stack after flopping trips.

I picked up my racks and headed to the cashier cage. 

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Blogger Memphis MOJO said...

Players hate to fold A-K pre, but it's not a huge hand against two players who are raising. Glad to see your discipline was rewarded.

Happy New Year to you and Mrs. Lightning.

12:36 PM  
Blogger lightning36 said...

@MOJO - I wouldn't have minded playing a smaller pot right before I left, but I knew this was gonna be for all the marbles. Sure hate to do that without a made hand, especially when the lucksacks had been rewarded all that session.

3:01 PM  
Blogger Ace said...

I don't blame you for folding. I've been in numerous situations where the last orbit destroys my stack. A5 > AK, top pair loses to A6 when he rivers a ten high straight, and so on. Book the profit and enjoy the Big Easy!

3:11 PM  
Blogger thundering36 said...

I want to read more about the eating and drinking in the French Quarter. Just a mention or two of places and one lousy pic of food on your Twitter isn't enough.

5:28 PM  
Blogger Lester said...

I've had some massive run-bad on for the last week and my stack at has dropped from 3.8 billion to about 1.6 billion. I know my pain would be less if I dropped to lower limit tables but the play down there is horrific. One devastating hand I had AA in the BB and there were several limpers and the argo to my right on the button made a double-pot sized raise which I then clicked on all-in and headsup I watched as his J-T-off made a straight on the river.... Happy New Year L36!

9:17 AM  
Blogger Lester said...

My run-bad must be over. Last night in a $20M BB game I made a diamond Royal Flush and took down a bonus of $5.5B. Sweet.... I only bet $20M on the river so I would get at least one caller with a board that had four diamond cards on it.

4:00 PM  
Blogger Lester said...

Run-bad is back. I donked off the entire 5.5B buying into to a $200M BB table.

8:13 AM  

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