Saturday, May 26, 2018

A Public Posting of the Most Recent TBC Blog Post

It looks like the Tony Bigcharles effort to move his blog to private has had its share of problems. Several friends have asked me to intercede when they were having trouble accessing the new private blog. I'm not sure if Tony will continue to keep the blog private or possibly stop posting. However, as a public service, I am copying the most recent post here at Lightning Strikes. By the way, I hear the the position of Grand Poobah of the TBC Inner Circle is still available. u see, contact TBC, of course!

So ... without further delay ...

what should you do when a woman pulls out a switchblade and u feel threatened by it?

I really should be sleeping now because i need to be checking out of my hotel soon because theres never anything available to rent except at extremely high prices in blackhawk on weekends, although theres some extended stay americas for under $60 in denver thru priceline. what i should be doing is going to the airport and catching a plane to detroit, but id like to play in the game at the ameristar one more time which only goes on weekends. but im going to be dead tired and i wont even be able to sleep due to noon checkout. and theres a terrible long waitlist if u dont get seated at the beginning when the game first opens. this is why i hate playing at the ameristar until late at night.

the monarch doesnt have a hotel, but theyre building one. and i was in for so much money in their 6 deck shoe Blackjack game (which deals out 90% of the cards) the host came up and introduced himself and asked if there was anything he could do for me. i wanted some match play chips to recover part of my losses, but his supervisor wouldnt let him since i dont live around here. but i did get $70 food comps added to my card. id bought in for $5000 a little at a time, and eventually cashed out $3100. at one point i was under $1500 left.

theres a lot of good shoe games in blackhawk that put the cut card very deep in the deck but most of them are either too crowded or the $5 minimum goes up on the weekends. one funny thing about the $100 max bet by colorado state law, some rooms even let u bet 7 spots at once if u like. and the lodge doesnt. but the monarch had no problem with me betting 3-6 spots.

and tonight, while playing in the golden gates once poker shut down for the night a guy came and sat at my blackjack table. i didnt know he knew how to count, except he raised his bets a few times same time i did and wasnt making mistakes or wasnt betting the side bet.

but when i quit with $1000 back of what id lost in another casino earlier that morning, and freaked me out at first getting my attention outside the door of the casino (im paranoid about robberies) he told me i was the best counter and the first he remembered ever seeing in blackhawk. he mentioned he was on a short roll and i can tell u what he was doing wrong, he wasnt spreading anywhere close to what u should to beat a shoe game. i normally bet from 1-100 units and he was spreading from 1-4 units. this is also why i have such huge variance of which i so often seem to be on the wrong side of. if 100 counters played exactly like i do, most wouldve done far better than i did.

and when i went back to my room at the Isle, i wanted food at the deli to take to my room, and i wasnt sure if it was open, so i asked if any employee was around here. (eventually i found out this evening it was closed when it normally isnt). this was about 4.30am. a girl walked into the deli and asked me if i was talking to her, and i asked her if she was an employee and she wanted to know if i thought she had a uniform on.

she looked like a crackhead or meth user and the guy i later saw her and her girlfriend talking to seemed like some young thug, but surprisingly enough, he was white instead of black unless all the other girls ive seen in the denver poker rooms. she asked me if id won money tonight, so my first thought was she was a hooker. (remember, im nervous because i was carrying over $5000 in cash on me). this was before i seen a guy around her. and she asked me if she could borrow $1 because shed lost all her money and shed came to town with her girlfriend. then she asked me if id be willing to give her $20 for her switchblade she could sell me, and pulled it out and showed me the blade it scared the hell out of me. remember theres no employees around and ive got a fortune on me. she said she had to earn some money for the bus into denver. but i told her i had no need for a switchblade.

had she not had a switchblade on her id wanted to find out if she was a hooker, and if she wasnt with a black guy, offer her a way she couldve earned $20. but it freaked me the hell out, so much so after i went to the monarch to get food to take to the room, and noticed her still in there with 2 other people 15 minutes later when i came back across the street, i told security and i think she seen me talking to them. now i worry for my safety because i worry theyll be around town and see me walking down the street at night and know i told on her. but what should i have done?

my tooth is at its worst when drinking coffee or any hot or cold substance and especially when trying to chew on food, hard food. so its needing out as fast as possible. taking medication for pain wont help. i just have to avoid any liquid thats not room temperature and im sipping cold water extremely slowly and carefully. i feel like a huge fool for not doing all 3 at once when i was with vince. got half a mind to fly to vegas to do the work.

i hate to leave this area, its the best blackjack games ive ever seen in my life and same for the poker games. too bad theres no housing.