Friday, January 11, 2019

Women Done Me Wrong!

Thursday - January 10, 2019

Item: Wife takes close look at one of our cats, Sophie. Guess what? Sophie has worms! Of course, where does Sophie usually sleep? You guessed it - our bed! Other cat, Holly, decides to tackle Sophie. Likely both have worms. I don't want to touch anything. Trip to vet is in near future . Cha-ching! Excellent start to the day.

Item: Wife has day off while I have extremely busy day ahead of me. Apparently, she has nothing better to do than send me text messages like this: "If you don't stop leaving toothpicks laying on the floor, I'm going to cut you off forever. From toothpicks, not from me. One of these days you're going to swallow it instead of having it fall on the floor." Ho hum. What a terrible human being I am.

Item: Guy in the office next to mine shows me the check-in sheet of female student he just saw. In the area where students could specify a preference for who they would like to see, she wrote in "not lightning." What? Apparently this past summer I was the bearer of bad news to her. After informing her that she would not be able to get into the health program she wanted, I also told her that she should not arrange the school and work schedule she planned. I guess that made me the bad guy. I'm sure that under the guidance of someone else she will do better than two C and two F grades.

Item: Getting ready to pick up dinner order at Buffalo Wild Wings when daughter calls and asks if I can go to her house in the next town, grab a pair of her jeans, and take them to her back in my town where she is working a part-time job. I was guessing there had been some sort of "female issue" and didn't question why. I make the drive to her house, rummage around, get the jeans only to find out ... that her girlfriend had already grabbed a pair and was a few blocks away from delivering  them. I rode out there for nothing except being a dedicated father.

No wonder Superman had a Fortress of Solitude!


Anonymous Mrs. L said...

1) This could just as easily happened with a male cat.
2) What kind of barbarian repeatedly leaves toothpicks on the floor?
3) Meh. Her problem. Shake it off.
4) She’ll remember the little things you do, or try to do, and love you more for it.

1:04 PM  
Blogger thundering36 said...

Sounds like it's time for an escape to Vegas for a few days. (Is that what you asked me to write? Let me know if it works, OK?)

5:05 PM  
Blogger Ace said...

One of your blog readers may or may not be doing something similar with dental floss picks. :)

12:13 AM  

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