Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Catching Up

Wow - almost a month has gone by since my last post. To update a few things ...

I mentioned in my last post that  it looked like I would not have enough time to play poker in Seattle since I had to change my flight to the great northwest. This ended up being the case. The day I rented a car my wife, son and his girlfriend went to Whidbey Island.
After getting back to my son's place that evening, we went out for dinner. At the end of a long day, I was just not ready to head out late at night for a poker session, knowing that I would have plenty of opportunities to play on the next leg of the trip and, of course, wanting to spend as much time as possible with my son.

After spending three days and nights in Seattle, it was time to head to Phoenix to visit family and friends. With five nights in the Phoenix area, there would surely be plenty of time for poker and a few other things. I was able to see my nephew's daughter (7 years old) play in a soccer game and talk a bit with my oldest brother, who is retired and lives in the area. Unfortunately, his wife was having some medical complications after surgery and family members who were to meet me a a Chicago Cubs-San Francisco Giants pre-season game were not able to go. However, that did not stop me.
I'm sure thundering36 will comment on this outfit

Sloan Park - the place to be!

Former stars at the park

I spent the first third of the game really watching the play. The second third, I walked around the park to absorb the atmosphere. I gawked at the former stars who were signing autographs (for a price, of course) and told Bert Campaneris that he caused ache to my heart when I was a boy because of how his great A's teams kept my White Sox from going to the World Series. The final third of the game I just enjoyed the environment. Fun game, great park, excellent time.

As for poker, I got in several sessions at Talking Stick. Results were mixed. I had a few good sessions where I won a buy in or two, but I also had a few where I lost parts of a buy in. In my last session, I got cold decked as I had flush and open ended straight draws after the flop, but was felted when my third nuts lost to the second nuts. Meh. I did have a fun night meeting and playing poker with a former online poker buddy, Brian, #Phillies Phan. We did okay at Talking Stick and then both played a forgettable session at Wild Horse Pass the next day.

Back Home
I've been back home for 2 1/2 weeks. During that time, I have gotten in some poker. I had a session at Harrah's Joliet and won 1 1/2 buy ins, then actually played in a charitable poker game in the area last Saturday and, shockingly, came out a buy in ahead. Of course, it helps when you are dealt AA, raise, get re-raised, and then have your shove called by ... A-Qos? Crazy, but profitable ... for me! I also had a session last Sunday at Joliet where I was down around $500, but fought back and cashed out ... +$5! It was clearly a moral victory.

Family and Work
Two of my cousins (from two of my mom's brothers) went to Poland to research family history last September when I was in Australia. I rooted through some old family pictures that I had saved from my mom's house, and we shared pictures and stories. They have invited me to go to Poland with them in July, but I am just not as enthused as they are to spend time and money researching the family tree. However, it was great meeting up with some of my cousins.
Sue, Rich and me

I have been off work now for 2 1/2 days due to a nasty cold and respiratory issues. I hope that later this month I will make make my retirement official - to be around July 2020. Having a few rare sick days off this week reminded me that life does exist outside of the daily work grind. Readers who work a regular 40 hour (or more) a week schedule can likely relate. I have been working full time since finishing grad school. I will mark my 25th anniversary with my present employer on August 1 this year, and when I retire in about 15 months, I will be completing a 38-year career in higher education. Man, how time flies!

Thanks for reading!