Thursday, August 29, 2019

Ready for Las Vegas!

August is always one of, if not the, most challenging months at work for me. On August 19, the first day of fall class signified the beginning of the end for me -- my 38th year in higher education and my 26th year at my current school. It has been one long and tiring but enjoyable road. I am looking forward to retirement next July.

I customarily take a trip each September after our rush period is over. Many years ago, I used to go fishing in Canada with some of my wife's relatives. After my brother, thundering36, returned home from Australia in 2000, we took many trips to Las Vegas and almost always went around Labor Day -- which also happens to be right around thundering's birthday. Last September I visited him in Australia, but this year I am back to making my September trip to Las Vegas.

Luke Johnston appears to have some interest in having a night of mixed games somewhere next week. Chris Abramski sounds up for it. A night at Sam's Town also sounds good to me. Outside of these ideas, I do not have any plans set in stone. Hit me up if you want to get together for some poker or a meal. Cash me outside - how bout dah?

I must say that I am looking forward to this trip more than usual. For whatever reason, I used to get a bit anxious before Las Vegas trips. Now, with my new attitude at work (beginning to let go, not letting things bother me), I am feeling really ready to head out.

66 hours and counting ...

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Have fun!

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