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September 2019 Las Vegas Trip Highlights

My Las Vegas trip of September 1-6, 2019 was quite good.Certainly, it could not approach the horror of my last trip where I had few winning poker sessions, was sick most of the trip, lost a contact lens and generally had a poor trip. Some of the highlights of this last trip:

*Playing poker with friends, Part I. I met old buddy Arch at Wynn to play a little $1/$3. I've known Arch ever since he came to the 1st Annual TBC Memorial Meet Up a few years ago. Arch is a regular at Wynn, quite a clown, and a great poker player. I carved out a decent win for myself, but Arch crushed souls that afternoon!

* Playing poker with friends, Part II. On Wednesday, September 4, Las Vegas Mirage poker dealer and friend Kristi picked me up and drove me to Sam's Town, where we played in the 7pm donkathon with Flushhdraw and Luke Johnston. Unfortunately, due to the tournament and my going deep, I didn't get much time to socialize. A huge thanks to Kristi for waiting until the end of the tournament to drive me back to the Strip.

* Playing poker with friends, Part III. After Kristi dropped me off at Bally's late Wednesday night, I was at a table playing poker and saw some guy staring at me. I hadn't said or done anything to piss anyone off, so I was wondering what was up. He asked "Are you lightning?" I was pretty surprised. It turns out the the guy, Larry, was a long-time follower of my blog. I couldn't believe how much stuff that has happened over the past several years to me, TBC, Rob and others was remembered in great detail by Larry. I stepped away from the table for a bit to talk, and then Larry got seated next to me.
After playing for a decent period of time, I got up to use the rest room and was going to to then cash out since it was pretty late. When I got back to the table Larry was gone! He desperately needed to get to bed. It was great meeting you, Larry!

* Promos/bonuses. It may not always be very much, but I always get a charge of of winning money in poker promotions. I won $100 one night for having the high hand of the hour at Mirage (9s full of Aces), and was fortunate that my 7pm high hand held up. A better hand was noted at 8:01pm! I played at MGM the Thursday night of the Bears/Packers game and won a $50 high hand of the hour promo when I flopped the nut flush late in an hour where no one had hit a high hand.

* Poker Tournament. I had pretty much retired from live tournament play several years ago. I try to play one donkament each trip, and this trip it was again the Sam's Town Wednesday night tournament. Not only did I win the last longer bets I had with Kristi and Luke, but I actually was in the final four chop! As Kristi can tell you, I was pretty excited on the trip back to the Strip. I can't remember how long it has been since I cashed  in a live tournament. It gets me thinking ...

* Southwest seating. I took SWA this trip, which is my usual go-to airline. I was able to score my favorite seat (aisle seat, emergency row) both to and from Las Vegas! Not bad when coming on board with B15 in the seating order!

* Free/almost free rooms. My thanks to Boyd Gaming and for the great room offers I received. I stayed at Gold Coast and Orleans and only paid for one night hotel plus one night resort fee. My closest poker room, the Par-A-Dice riverboat casino in East Peoria, IL, is a Boyd property, but they do not track time at the poker table, unfortunately. I do play some slots there, however, and recently stayed at another Boyd property in Indiana.

* Slot action. Speaking of slots ... I had pretty good luck this past trip. One session in particular was at Planet Hollywood. After getting felted one session (see previous post), I played a long session of Kitty Glitter and won back most of what I lost at the PH poker table. I just play slots to have a little fun, and it is sure nice when you actually win!

*Last but not least, poker action. After my horrendous trip in June, I was very happy to take home a tidy profit. The sockroll had been getting a tad sparse. When I go to Las Vegas, my itineraries usually consist of poker, slots, eating, and sleeping. Even noted gambling degenerate Pete P Peters questioned the amount of poker I was playing. My response: there is never enough poker!

My next trip to Las Vegas is likely to be the week of February 9. In the meantime, I have my local area casinos/poker rooms to visit (closest are 90 and 120 miles away) and charity poker games in the area (30 and 50 miles away) about every other weekend, but there might be room to squeeze in a road trip or two if I am lucky.

Thanks for reading!


Blogger Memphis MOJO said...

Not bad when coming on board with B15 in the seating order!

I log in exactly 24 hours ahead to get my number, and I still never get a good one.

2:11 PM  
Blogger JT88Keys said...

Sounds like an excellent trip. Perhaps you should make a road trip over to Iowa City for the Illinois game on November 23rd and we can play some poker at the nearby Riverside Casino and Resort?

2:14 PM  
Blogger Tony Bigcharles said...

what charity room is closer to u that the riverboat? and how is B15 an aisle seat? wouldnt that be seat C15 or D15

3:25 PM  
Blogger lightning36 said...

MOJO -- I always get online ahead to time and am ready to go. I try to wait a second or two once the 24-hour time is hit. I usually get between B15 and B45.

JT -- I am not a graduate of UIUC and therefore not quite as big a fan as others people. I might want to take an Iowa casino trip someday, though.

TBC -- Central Illinois Charitable Games operates out of Chicago and comes downstate to host poker tournaments and cash games. They had previously set up games once a month in Savoy - near the University of Illinois campus. They now come twice a month: once to Tuscola, about 30 miles south of Champaign-Urbana, and once to Bloomington. They are sponsored by local charities like a Moose Lodge or a Fraternal Order of Eagles group.

5:02 PM  
Blogger FlushhDraw said...

Great to see you again as always and hope to meet up again on your next trip here. congrats on a nice profitable trip.

6:09 PM  
Blogger VegasDegen said...

Been friends with Rob for few years now, and it was a pleasure finally meeting you in person as well! I travel to Vegas nearly every month, so I will make a note and try to come back out around the same time as you in Feb. Congrats on the profitable trip! Now I know at least 2 cool bloggers! GL sir.

8:10 PM  
Blogger The Neophyte said...

Sounds like an excellent trip. The PQ and I were looking at hitting Vegas some time in early-mid February as well. Hopefully we can cross paths again.

9:16 PM  

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