Wednesday, July 07, 2021

Destination: Las Vegas!


As things have gotten a tad boring and mundane at home, what with 100+ degree days every day, dips in the pool and trips to the local casinos just isn't cutting it anymore. Therefore, it's time to take another road trip to that magic place.

Trip details: I am driving up On Sunday, July 11. It appears that I will be staying one night at Excalibur and three at Bally's. This trip should be fun, as I am looking forward to meeting some online friends in person for the first time. On Sunday, it is definite that I will be meeting Dan Kuester (@ddkuester). Since Dan is a huge professional wrestling fan, I might have to keep him in line with a figure four leg lock! I also plan on meeting Jeff Temple (@JT88Keys) and perhaps have him confirm that my singing voice would be good enough to be featured in one of his show choirs. Finally, I hope to connect with and expose (umm ... not the way you're thinking) the dude who runs around on Twitter and Twitch calling himself "Lightning Poker" (@lightnin_). The audacity of this guy! We joke back and forth about who the REAL lightning is. Followers of this blog know the easy answer.

I pretty much gave up playing tournament poker sometime after Black Friday. I occasionally play in online private freerolls and low buy-in games hosted by When in Las Vegas, I have  sometimes played in daily tournaments, most recently Planet Hollywood, South Point and Sam's. I did chop my most recent tournament at Sam's and in fact chopped several years ago at places like Caesars and Sahara. I played in the WSOP before when I won $2000 tournament package, and am tempted in play in something this year -- either a lower buy-in event like the Colossus or maybe the Seniors or Super Seniors. Yep - I am old enough to play in either. However, I get the feeling that I would most appropriately fit in the group know as "dead money." I've got time to think about this. Maybe I need to get a couple more in-person tournaments under my belt to help me decide.

As always, I am open to connecting with old friends or meeting new people while in town. Please post a blog comment, PM me or text me if you want to meet up. I don't really have a firm schedule at this point.

Thanks for reading!


Blogger Zourah said...

I’m looking forward to the trip!

Even though the buy ins are a little higher as you want to add on - the tournaments at Ceasers get really soft fields as many players have no idea how to play short stacks

2:56 PM  
Blogger Tony Bigcharles said...

my room is taken care of, (paid up) at the next 2 properties 3 nites each up til wednesday now. for about $350 for those 6 nites. without getting special deals it wouldve been way over twice that

3:22 PM  
Blogger pokerwayne said...

Last few times I’ve played a small buy in tourney in Vegas. (pre Covid) I noticed a few people waited until the very last second to buy in then jumped almost immediately to the final table as the short stacks fell. Then all they need to do is get lucky in a couple hands and they’re in the money.

6:24 PM  

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