Thursday, July 27, 2023

Who Can Show Me How to Switch My Luck at Poker?

I have run into a poker dilemma in 2023 and I am hoping that somewhere out there someone knows how to manipulate luck in poker. I am not selfishly asking for anything like running good 90% of the time a la Very Josie. I am simply looking to switch my luck in casinos and home games. Why this request?

I have had my poker ups and downs in 2023. A few times I have run good -- really good -- so good that I was almost embarrassed by it. Almost. But other times, and especially recently, I have run like absolute crap. My past two sessions at Talking Stick have been like that. I was completely card dead (last session I got either a 4, a 6 or both in  way too many hands) and/or rarely hit any draws. My opponents, however, seemed to hit every one. We've all been there before. It's not fun. You begin playing mind games with yourself, but you know that in reality there is little you can do beside continuing to play proper poker and not tilting off chips. I want to play tonight, but I find myself a bit fearful.

Contrast that with what happens at the home game I play in. Last night we only had a small group of four and ended up playing mostly Five Card Draw, Five Card Draw with a wild card, and Follow the Queen. In keeping with past home game sessions, it was almost like I ordered that cards I got. The session include hands like when the host, Bobby, told me that he had me beat. I think we got up to a Seven Bet before Bobby just called. He had quad 8s. That game, 7s were wild. I had been dealt a 7, a Queen and the rest uncoordinated lower cards. I kept the Queen and the 7 and drew three cards -- a 7, a Queen and a brick. Bobby was shocked to see that I beat him quads vs quads, but that is how I have been running at the home game. Almost every time we play, I run over the table. And obviously, playing games like Five Card Draw doesn't require an extensive knowledge of poker strategy. However, for whatever reason, I just keep catching big hands there.

So back to the dilemma I mentioned at the beginning of this post: Is there any possible way that I can flip flop my luck in home games with my luck in Casino poker games? Certainly someone must have a clue?

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