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In Honor of What Would Have Been My Dad's 100th Birthday: A Reposting of a Dad/Rolling Stones Story

It is with fold memories and some sadness that what would have been my dad's 100th birthday is now almost over. My father passed away almost 20 years ago. Can it really be that long? Perhaps it is by divine providence that I am going to see the Rolling Stones in concert tomorrow night -- a reminder of a funny night that I shared with my dad waaay back in 1978, when I was a know-it-all college student.

The setting: The Rolling Stones were hosting and the musical guests for Saturday Night Live. Mick Jagger's voice was totally shot and sounded like crap. With that in mind, I take you back to a post I wrote in 2011.

Funny, the things we remember sometimes. This week marks the seventh anniversary of my father's death.  One of my favorite memories of my dad was a night many, many moons ago when we were watching Saturday Night Live. The Rolling Stones would be performing some songs on SNL, so of course I was going to watch.

Dad was sitting in a rocking chair and I was standing as the Stones broke into a tune. And then ... the moment ...

My goodness, you'd have thought that someone dropped a bomb on our house! The sight of Mick Jagger's tongue going near a guy had my dad ranting and raving. I tried to settle him down by saying "Dad, Jagger is just trying to be provocative and make some headlines." But it didn't matter -- the dirty deed had been done.

So yeah -- 33 years later the memory still remains -- a young guy and his father watching one of the greatest rock and roll bands ever.

So yeah -- almost 46 years later, the memory still remains. Happy birthday, Dad!  💓


Blogger Sandi Joy said...

Memories are good, I light a 24 hour candle the evening b4 my dearest late parents birthday's anniversary 🙏 ❤️

8:56 PM  

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