Friday, June 07, 2024

Las Vegas, Here I Come -- Again -- June 9-14, 2024

I am sooooo ready to return to Las Vegas this weekend. This trip was scheduled quite some time ago so that I would have some time to visit and play poker with old Aussie friend and former blogger @Koalapete. Pete and I met many moons ago when online poker was played by seemingly everyone. His last visit to Las Vegas was two years ago.

I was originally going to organize a meet up game, but I decided instead to leave most of my visit unplanned so I can change things on the fly. I'll probably play mostly cash games with maybe one donkament and a daily Resorts/WSOP tourney on my agenda. Mostly, I am just happy to get away for several days.

Hit me up on Twitter or other means if you want to meet up to fling some cards or grab a meal with me. I imagine I will spending at least some of my time playing poker at MGM and Bellagio, currently my two favorite places to play in Sin City.

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