Monday, February 04, 2008

Slinging Some Chips At Bodog
Lately, I've been spending mucho time at the Bodog $.50/$1 ($100 max) NL tables. Why? I can not believe how players at this particular limit at Bodog refuse to lay down a hand when they know they are beat. The way to beat these tables seems easy enough: Play a solid game, bet when you have a hand, and bet big when you have a big hand.

I know that $.50/$1 NL sounds like you would be grinding away for hours just to make a small profit, but the play is so bad at this level that it is almost like people are giving money away.

I guess I was lucky in that no one hit a miracle river card to crush me this past weekend. The poker gods somehow also decided that they would allow me to actually hit some sets on a regular basis. It is nice when things just seem to work out just right sometimes.


Blogger $mokkee said...

you've got the correct formula for beating that game. it's almost too ez.

7:51 PM  

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