Sunday, April 25, 2010

Home Sweet Home
After a week away from our girls and after dealing with Rick's surgery, the trip, and everything associated with it, we are happy to be back home and are ready to start with our regular routine again. A little boredom for a few weeks would not be bad.

Sheesh -- good thing I looked online. The BBT5 2nd Sunday freeroll is about to start in 15 minutes. I was invited to this one, so thank you, AlCantHang!

I'll post a little more once I have gotten settled at home. However, we are happy that Rick seems to be rapidly recovering. It will take some time for him to get back his stamina and to get the right side of his face functioning properly again, but he is off to a good start. I am sure that being back home will be a big help.

BBT5 -- yesssss!!


Blogger dbcooper said...

Good luck in the BBT5.

6:03 PM  
Blogger Josie said...'re the winning horse in this race. Giddyup!

6:24 PM  
Blogger Memphis MOJO said...

Glad to hear you're home safe and sound. Thanks for the update.

10:54 PM  
Blogger BWoP said...

Welcome home!

10:54 PM  
Blogger Lucki Duck said...

Glad you're home lightning. And even more glad Rick's on the mend.

11:01 PM  
Blogger OhCaptain said...

Glad you made it home, I know what a relief that is for you. Good luck in the BBT5 and congrats on the invite! I should probably have played a little more last week, oh well.

Say hello to the family for us. My wife is already cooking up crazy ideas to do with your wife...I think we might be in trouble. :-)

11:09 AM  
Blogger BamBam said...

As always, good vibes pointed in your direction.

1:32 PM  
Blogger Mondogarage said...

This is great news on all fronts. Best of luck in the BBT, would like to see you pull down a TOC seat fo show.

5:41 PM  
Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Your house must be less ugly on the inside. Glad you are home. Aww cmon give me a break I am not good at this nice stuff.

11:51 AM  

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