Friday, July 09, 2010

LeBron = LeDouche
Professional sports is just littered with really stupid, egotistical people. Hello Tiger Woods -- want to go from legend to pariah in no time flat? Ben Roethlisberger -- want to see the sales of your jersey drop to zero and have everyone in the country think you are a d-bag?

And then there is LeBron. What a dumb fuck. Seriously -- how stupid can this guy be?

It now looks like the NBA, which has sucked for many years anyhow, is really the closest thing to professional wrestling -- at least from what proports to be professional sports today. The big difference, however, is that anyone with a brain knows that professional wrestling is what it is -- grand theater. The men and women of wrestling, as gifted athletically as some of them are, are incredible actors, continually performing in story lines which usually come back to the most basic one: good vs evil.

Hulk Hogan, arguably the greatest wrestler of all time, provided one of the greatest moments in professional wrestling at the Bash at the Beach in 1996:

In one spectacular moment, the greatest good guy in the sport's history turned heel -- became one of the bad guys. Sound familiar? (Thanks to Bill Simmons at ESPN for reminding me of this classic moment)

There is a difference, however: Hogan's about-face was planned and developed to create additional story lines that keep professional wrestling going. Does LeBron realize what he has done?

People follow sports in part to escape from the real world. However, there are some ideals we hold dear, real world or not. Words like character, honesty, integrity come to mind.

LeBron James is tremendously talented and was admired by many sports fans. This whole self-promotional, egotistical farce that he perpetrated upon sports fans everywhere is being judged more harshly than he and his idiotic handlers ever imagined. But I guess they don't live in the real world anyway.

I read an article in Sports Illustrated and was saddened by the disasterous effects that the BP gulf oil spill is having on commercial and sport fishermen. I know several people who are going through medical, financial, or personal difficulties. The economy sucks. People are struggling.

And then we have LeBron. Yeah -- just draw so damn much attention to yourself, then crap on the loyal sports fans of Cleveland in the most heartless way. You were concerned about your "brand?" Well -- you just screwed yourself. Dumb fucker.

I pretty much stopped watching the NBA after Michael Jordan's second retirement from the Bulls. Now I am beginning to remember why.


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I read somewhere about a tweet someone did: To be a king, you must lead, not follow.

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