Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Walking in Memphis

The great lighting36 family vacation began on Monday morning with a 400 mile drive to Memphis. We were able to actually get in where we wanted at lunch -- Lambert's Café in Sikeston, MO -- the "Home of the throwed rolls." At Lambert's, they toss these huge rolls to anyone who wants them. Some of the throws are underhand lobs, but some are arching throws across the restaurant. It is a really fun place to eat.

We were all pretty tired when we got to Memphis and the kids declined to go to the National Civil Rights Museum at that time. It looks like we will do it on Saturday on the return trip.

We stayed at a relatively dumpy (but inexpensive) Sleep Inn that I had stayed at several times. Popular opinion was that we should not stay there on the return trip. Instead we will stay at the Sheraton Memphis Downtown, which will certainly be more popular with the kids.

After resting at the hotel, we ate at a lightning36 favorite place: Corky's Bar-B-Q. As always, Corky's did not disappoint. The kids loved it.

We went to Beale Street and were surprised to see that it was ... almost deserted! I have been to Beale Street several times and had never seen it quite like that. Our plan is to come back on Friday night. I am sure it will be much different then.
The lightning36 younger crew
After getting some shut eye, we loaded up the van and began on the next leg of our trip: the 400 mile drive to New Orleans.

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