Tuesday, April 16, 2024

2024: Another Year of Concerts

 A little over two years ago, I declared a 12-month period my "year of concerts." It really was a spectacular year as many musicians and groups were anxious to get back to performing on the road after COVID-19. It now appears that 2024 will rival that 12-month period. Having missed seeing Tom Petty one last time and Gordon Lightfoot due to death of the artists, I decided to be a bit more flexible in who I will see. I recently passed up Frankie Valli again since it is common knowledge that he lip synchs at his concerts. Other concerts, such as Foreigner, have no original members left, really making the band more of a tribute band. Knowing that some musicians might not be out of the road again, I decided to see the following in the 13-month period that began in December 2023:

Trans-Siberian Orchestra -- Dec 3

Billy Joel and Stevie Nicks -- Dec 8

Eagles and Steely Dan - Jan 19

Toto -- March 17

Stayin' Alive - Bee Gees Tribute -- April 19

Beach Boys -- April 26

Neil Young -- April 27

Rolling Stones -- May 7

Justin Hayward -- June 25

Doobie Brothers -- June 26

Journey, Def Leppard and Steve Miller Band -- Aug 23

Jeff Lynn's ELO -- Oct 21

There is still plenty of time for me to get tickets to another few concerts if the right groups perform.

Thanks for reading!