Wednesday, September 15, 2021

What do you say to someone you haven't seen in over 45 years?

This weekend, my wife and I will be taking a much-needed trip from our regular routines (and the hot Arizona weather) to Seattle to visit our son and his girlfriend. Thanks to COVID-19, we haven't been back there for over two years.
When we took a Seattle trip a few years ago, I were alerted via Facebook that someone from my high school class lived there and wanted to meet up. I was kind of surprised since this is someone who was really more of an acquaintance than a friend. My wife suspected an ulterior motive -- that she was going to try to sell me something. On the other hand, remembering how I could be a real dick when in high school, I was reminded of the many television shows where someone poisoned another person to get back at them for some perceived wrong from the past. I decided to take a pass on the meet up.

Right now, a tentative plan is for my wife and I to have breakfast with this woman and her husband this weekend. I invited by son and his girlfriend to tag along, but I'm pretty sure they would be bored. What I'm really interested in hearing is a high school perspective on me from someone who hasn't seen me since. I'm pretty sure she is the kind of person who wouldn't say negative things even if they were true, but nonetheless, this could be an interesting look into what I was waaaay before I became the person I am today.

Poker Update
Even though I ran Kings into Aces last night, I haven't been squawking about poker much on Twitter because I haven't been playing due to a virus I caught and have been winning when I have. My confidence level has gone up, which is always good. My terrible run bad streak seems to have ended with the final crushing blow I did tweet about, when my AA went down to A-Qos when my opponent binked a third Queen on the river with us all in. Gawd, that sucked!

I will have a Seattle report after I get back home next week.

Thanks for reading!