Friday, June 17, 2022

Giant Photo Dump: Video Poker Porn, Brian Wilson, Chicago, Koala Pete Visit, Red Rock Canyon and Blogger Meet Up Game


How sweet this one was. I will always accept 20,000 nickels. 

Four more Aces
And to prove that I don't discriminate, four jacks.
Brian Wilson. He looked like he never should have been on stage that night.
Al Jardine's son, Matt, who sings the old Brian Wilson falsetto parts now ... and quite well.
Al Jardine
The supporting band at the end of the show. They are quite good.

A little Chicago
Robert Lamm
Brass section: Jimmy Pankow, Ray Herrmann, Lee Loughnane

Koala Pete was a bundle of energy!
Two spoiled dogs, Pete and blog hero. That big cactus is in my back yard.
Koala Pete, Mrs. lightning36 and yours truly

Red Rock Canyon: Koala Pete, me, Josie and Gary
Pete and VJ
Gary and VJ
From meet up game: Joseph, Luke, VeryJosie, me Mr. Ben and Rob
Also from meet up game: Sahara dealer Michael, Gary, Koala Pete, VeryJosie and Mr. Subliminal
Memorial Day lunch with Rob and Koala Pete