Thursday, June 21, 2007

Every day or so, it is good to step out of my current life (move from the house; clean the house; sell the house) and delve into the worlds of my fellow poker players. Lately, however, it seems as if a number of people are on the rag.

Take my Cardschat group ... please. Complaining about lack of freedom. Always wanting some more exclusive group (as if the Loyalers isn't enough). Bitching and moaning about forum moderators. Banning someone for "recruiting" in the forums.

Take my bloggers brothers ... please. Collusion. Implied collusion. Name calling. Digs. Write about it in the blog.

Is it just me, or do a bunch of people just need to grow the heck up? I have a daughter who just finished her freshman year in high school, and I swear that the things I have been reading in forums and blogs makes my daughter's social circle appear to be reeking of maturity.

And oh yeah -- The Mookie had 80 runners tonight and I finished 5th. Gotta work on that end game ...

And ... I finally sold the PS3 that I won in a K9 Incentive Tour final in April. The guy who bought it from me is a Chemical Engineering major. He plans on going to graduate school, but if he joined the workforce immediately after graduation, he would probably START at somewhere around $60,000/year. How long did it take me to make that? Why did I major in Psychology??

Monday, June 18, 2007

Moving, moving, and more moving
My family is now well into day eight of our move from one house to another in town. Believe it or not, we still have stuff at the old house. Tonight, we hope to get the rest of the items from our attic to either throw away or go toward a garage sale. My wife has been dilligently cleaning, and we hope to get the old house on the market ASAP. I have greatly limited my online poker time the past two weeks and will probably keep playing here and there for the next few weeks.
Odds and ends
Am I the only guy in the world who plays at Poker World? I continue to play ring games there and go upppppp and downnnn. I never recognize people from any of my poker groups playing there. I hope to get my bankroll a little higher and then cash out.
K9 Poker Tour finals are coming July 1. I qualified for both the free and money tours, and therefore have two chances at getting a nice K9 ring.
The Battle of the Blogger Tournaments is coming to a close. Since I did nothing to distinguish my play in the regular season, I need to kick some booty in the freeroll final.
Am I going to Las Vegas July 4-9? I am still waiting to hear from K9 Poker guru Shaggy. He plans on going for an online gaming conference, and we tentatively planned to room together. Is he ready to hear the full force from a guy whose sleep apnea-related snoring shakes buildings?

Thursday, June 14, 2007

A Tale of Two Cable Guys
Employee #1
This clueless dude was sent over to get our cable television and internet services set up in our new home. The previous owner used satellite for television and used some wireless internet company. Of course, the cable guy came right during one of the move-in disasters -- the sleeper part of the sleeper sofa starts coming out as the sofa is being moved down a narrow basement stairway. It was 3:00 pm, and we thought that this dude just wanted to go home. His answer to everything: "We can't do that." Can't get the devoted internet line where we wanted it. Can't get the cable in rooms where we wanted it. Huh? I can send a message to China in a matter of seconds, but this guy says we can't get cables run? Fortunately, he left and cable guys are scheduled to return in two days.

Employee #2
Jason calls to let us know he might not be there until right at the close of the two-hour time frame when he was expected. He got there right at the end of the time frame and apologized -- said that he had to work a little longer than expected at his last call. We told him what we wanted. His reply: "We'll find a way to do it. Might have to used some of the satellite cables that are already here, but we'll make it work." Huh? Where have they been hiding this guy? He obviously knows 100 times more than the first guy, gave us EXACTLY what we wanted, and had the entire job done from start to finish in 90 minutes.

Friday, June 08, 2007

The Big Move
Getting ready to move to a new house across town. It has been 13 years since our last move. At that time, we had a two-year-old daughter and a newborn son. Now, we have a teenage daughter, a son who will become a teenager in two weeks, and a girl who is nearing 11. Talk about different worlds.

Aside from having ten times as much stuff to move (and bodies that now have an additional 13 years of wear and tear), the big pain will be paying on two mortgages since we are waiting to move out before doing some cleaning, fixing up, and putting our old house on the market. I am glad that I had a poker heater right before the Neteller mess started.

I am hopeful that I will not have internet cable problems or network issues at my new place. I hope to be back on a regular poker schedule next week.

Catch ya on the flip side ...

Sunday, June 03, 2007

A Day to Forget

Ever see those professional athletes who get to the big game -- the Super Bowl, World Series, Stanley Cup Finals -- and play like shit? That was me today.

Today at 2pm, I had two mega-important tournaments: the 2006 Online Poker Tour (OPT) Money Tour Final, and the World Series of Online Forums (WSOOF) championship. Top prize in each of these was a trip to the WSOP Main Event ... or at least $10,000 and a little travel money.

My play was pretty horrendous. I tried to open up my play a bit in the OPT game, hoping to win a few blinds while people were playing tight. Unfortunately, it appeared that people were getting big hands, so that strategy went out the window fast.

It just seemed that I lost every race I was in or made some poor judgments. Oh, how I wish we could play this one again. I really wanted to at least have my shot at the final table.

I was cruising along in about 20th place in the WSOOF game when I lost two key hands. Then, PokerStars started having router problems, and pretty soon my afternoon was over.

It seems like this was all a bad dream. After busting out of the WSOOF, I immediately fell asleep and didn't wake for a few hours. Doesn't matter: it still hurts. Funny thing was, I had been playing some pretty good poker this past week or so. Outside of the blogger tournaments, I had pretty good success, winning three tournaments and placing in a few others.

Hope your weekend was better than mine.