Sunday, September 26, 2010

Double Win on Sunday

With no Chicago Bears game on television today, I decided to play a few different games in the afternoon. Game one: Private Satellite to the Bodog V Main Event. With only a $5.50 entry fee and with four $500 tickets to the Main Event added, why not? The results:
It was anyone's game at the final table, but then I looked down to see A-A right before a big stack went all in with A-10. The double up let me cruise into the winners circle. The Main Event is next weekend. A cash there would be nice!

Game two: A Cardschat game that changes each Sunday. This week: Limit 5-Card Draw. I have been getting a little better at this game recently since my home game includes it in the rotation of games we play. The results:It was just like going back into time before Hold em became the game of choice. It makes me wonder if I should try a few HORSE tournaments.

The only failure on the day was the Online Forum Challenge tournament at UB. I ran A-Q into A-A. 'nuff said ... although I would have accepted the suck-out four-flush I was expecting on the river...

Friday, September 24, 2010

Gone, but not Forgotten

I couldn't let the month end without remembering Alan "Blind Owl" Wilson, composer and singer of Canned Heat's Going Up the Country.

"I'm going where the water tastes like wine
We can jump in the water, stay drunk all the time"

Blind Owl died forty years ago this month at the young age of 27. R.I.P.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Answers to the FML Friday Quiz

1) Twins swept the White Sox, which ended any slim chance that the Sox would win the division.

2) "I think I hit your quarter panel. Gotta go ..."

3) 3

4) E

5) D -- $1,000,000. I'll keep my $20.10.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Take the lightning36 FML Friday quiz

The weekend is upon us but I have a case of red ass today. Help me feel better -- take my short quiz!

1) I crashed on the couch late last night after suffering through what sports disaster? Hint: OhCaptain is jizzing in his pants today. Bah!

2) Complete this story: I was feeling like crap this morning and decided to take the day off work. My son left my car in the driveway instead of the garage last night. Before my wife left to take our daughter to school this morning, I told her "Be careful. My car is in the driveway. Rick might not have parked the car over as much as he should have." I went back to bed. My wife yells to wake me up and says, ... ???

3) Am I one of them?: I drove my son to school and and decided to have breakfast at a local restaurant that tends to cater to a "mature" crowd. I was seated in the east side of the restaurant. Out of 40 people seated on the east side, how many were younger than me?

4) The spam filter for my work e-mail is temporarily disabled. Over the past 12 hours, I received which of the following messages: A) "i saw your profile youre cute.. want me to sen dyou my pic??" B) "Incredib1e gains in length of 3-4 inches to yourPenis, PERMANANTLY" C) "ViagraFor sale" D) 雷卫旭---生产计划与物料控制提升训练营 E) All of these messages

5) A central Illinois guy running for statewide office who I thought was more like the common people is now posting the following on facebook: "Asking each Facebook Friend to donate $20.10 for the 2010 election!" Poor guy. His campaign war chest? A) nothing B) $100,000 C) $500,000 D) $1,000,000

I realize that these things are just minor irritations in the big picture, but hey -- I reserve the right to bitch once in a while. Some underlying issues are the real culprit.

Coming next post: Actual poker content?

Monday, September 13, 2010

On Chicago Bears, Barely Winning, and Unbearable Future ...

Since it looks like the Chicago White Sox are all but dead in the water in their quest to make it to post-season play (and the Cubbies -- haven't even watched them in several weeks), it is time to shift the focus toward football. In this area of the country, pro football is king, and the biggest kings are the Chicago Bears.

As I write, the Bears sport a 1-0 record, but it sure doesn't feel like I root for an undefeated team. Some observations from yesterday's 19-14 "victory" over the Detroit Lions:

1) "The Call" was correct as far as the rules regarding pass completions currently stand. But the rules sure do suck. The NFL, in an attempt to make the rule as black and white as possible, set up a very high standard for what classifies as a catch when the receiver hits the ground. Let's face it -- officials are there in part to make judgment calls. By making this convoluted rule, the NFL took judgment out of the hands of the officials, but in a way that just seems wrong. Johnson deserved the catch. The Lions deserved the comeback victory (unless the Bears pull off a miracle finish). The NFL looks foolish.

2) The Bears had a first down at the Lions one yard line late in the game. They decided to run Matt Forte straight into the line three times and attempted a botched pass another. Did they even consider a fast count quarterback sneak? And how about going for it on fourth down when they were behind? Wasn't there any thought to actually kicking a field goal to take the lead and then depend on the defense, which had shut down Detroit's back-up quarterback all second half, to close the door?

3) The defense, which has always been the trademark of the Bears, played a good game. The offensive line wasn't as offensive as it had been last season. However, running plays straight up the middle just won't be happening, and Jay Cutler had better keep his feet moving since roll outs will become a way of life if he doesn't want to get sacked several times a game.

4) I am certainly willing to give the new offense a try. However, Lovie's call on fourth down and one to go will not be adding any new people to his already small fan base. Sadly, I do not think this team will go anywhere until Lovie Smith and general manager Jerry Angelo are both history. I have a hard time seeing them win more than seven games this season. I hope I am wrong.

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Scumbag Gets Caught Lying -- Big Surprise

"I provided incorrect and misleading information to the NC double A."
Yeah, Bruce -- in the real world we call it lying. Unethical behavior. You know it pretty well.
Although I am not an alum of the University of Illinois, I support its sports teams and share in the good times and the bad. One of the worst times was caused by none other than Bruce Pearl, probably one of the most hated men in Illini history. It may have happened over twenty years ago, but it still sticks in the craw of every Illini fan who was around at that time.
I won't go into all the details and related issues and consequences, but this demented University of Iowa assistant basketball coach taped conversations with recruits and cajoled a naive and frustrated 18-year-old to agree with some false allegations against Illinois coaches. The NCAA Nazis tried to screw the Illini, but upon finding no proof of Pearl's allegations, hit the Illini with the dubious "lack of institutional control" sanction.
I have worked in higher education my entire professional career. Nothing chaps my butt worse than seeing older, seasoned professional educators take advantage of 18-year-old kids. Yeah, when they are heading to college, they still are kids. Pearl took advantage of one and used him for his own means. He has never come clean about what he really did and why he did it, thus no sympathy at all for him.
I rarely like to revel in another person's misfortune, but this is one time when, sadly, I find myself smirking. Enjoy the publicity you crave so much, Bruce.

Sunday, September 05, 2010


Yes -- it was wonderful to see the Chicago White Sox -- the "Right" Sox -- sweep the series with the Boston Red Sox this weekend. Pity the poor BoSox who have a good record but play in baseball's strongest division.

Unfortunately, the new Evil Empire ...
also won eight of the past ten games and block the White Sox's path to the playoffs. Lots of big games will be coming up, including a big three game series when the Twinkees visit the White Sox Sept 14-16. I tentatively plan to head to The Cell to catch the middle game of the series. And OhCaptain -- poor misguided soul that you are -- I hope your Twins get the thrashing they deserve.

Auto News
I think I have found a car for my son. I am having a used car buyer's check done by a local auto shop Tuesday morning. If everything is okay I should be able to make the purchase soon, as the car is owned by an international student who just finished his PhD and is moving back to his home country. The car, a 2002 Mitshubishi Mirage, has only 34,000 miles on it. Seems to me that it should last forever or until my son destroys it.

And Finally ...
I hope everyone is having a great Labor Day weekend. Tomorrow looks like a great day to go canoeing at Turkey Run State Park. Catch ya on the flip side as long as I do not drown.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Personal Bits 'n' Pieces
1) I probably should not have played in last night's Mookie. I was a little under the weather, and I don't always make great choices in poker when I am not feeling well. I got virtually no cards but played a smart game until ... argggggg. I could have made the laydown, should have made the laydown after I hit the second nut flush on the river and was re-popped by a good player. Bad decision.

2) Still looking for a car for my son. It is amazing how many good looking used cars on have over 120,000 miles. Back when most American-made cars were junk, reaching 100,000 miles was seen as a big milestone. No more.

3) The Chicago Bears are playing the Cleveland Browns as I write. They don't look as terrible as they have the past two pre-season games, but it is obvious that this will be a tough season for fans. Todd Collins looks like a good signing for back-up quarterback. He played pretty well tonight after having been in camp for only ten days. Will the Bears brass be stupid and cut him, leaving Caleb Hanie and Dan LeFevour to back up Jay Cutler? If so, please pray for Cutler's health.

4) The Chicago White Sox are now part of MannyWorld. Signing Ramirez can't hurt and might help. However, the only chance to catch the hated Twins (bah to you, OhCaptain) is for the team to keep hitting and fielding like it has been and for the bullpen to get healthy and perform like it did earlier in the season. They still have a chance, but time is slipping away.

5) The busiest period of the year at work is over. I get paid well and therefore won't bitch too much about work, but I sure earn my money during those weeks. The big boss spent some time observing my area during the nasty spell. I think he now has a much better appreciation for what we do.

6) We really need another Battle of the Blogger Tournaments. The poker blogging world has been dull and unexciting.