Saturday, January 31, 2009

Back From Las Vegas and Off Again
Made it back from Las Vegas with extra cashish in my pockets. Unfortunately, a horrendous bad beat by someone who made a donkey call kept me from having a really nice score. $700 pot gone just like that. "Gee -- I didn't think you were that strong." Freaking donkey.

I plan on writing more about my trip, but tomorrow I leave on another trip -- a cruise to the Bahamas. I have been running goot in real life. Unfortunately, my body is a little run down and I am fighting off a cold.

2009 has been much better than 2008. I hope it continues. My life should return to normal in about a week. I look forward to catching up on all the latest blogger news when I return.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Actually, gone to Las Vegas to play poker. My flight leaves early tomorrow morning. I'll be spending three nights at Bellagio and one night at Encore. As is my usual custom, I'll wait until the last minute to pack. I once again did without another custom -- cashing in my change cups and then using that money for taxis, tips, etc. So ... even if I lose my ass I will still come home to a small fortune.

Catch you on the flip side ...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Birthday, lightning36; Welcome President Obama
Sarah (pregnant sister-in-law): You might have to share your birthday with my new son.
lightning36: I don't want to share. Tell him not to come until the 21st.
Sarah: Oh -- your birthday is on inauguration day.
lightning: Yeah. But don't forget -- I voted for McCain.
Sarah: It is an historic event.
lightning36: So was the Boston Massacre.

Having a January 20 birthday means that you have a a new president seated on your birthday every four years. So, time for a quick review of President Obama. I was going to write a long analysis, but hey -- it's my birthday and I don't feel like it!

BAD: Lack of executive experience, questionable friends and acquaintances, truthfulness??
GOOD: Ability to inspire, intelligence, midwest values

He has a tough road ahead of him, attempting to fix everything that has been screwed up over the past few years. He is a good talker, and now we will get to find out what is behind the talk.

Best wishes, President Obama. We need you to do well.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Traveling Back to 1978

Once every great while, my son and daughters are forced to listen to their old man regale them with stories from my younger years. This afternoon, I was reminiscing about some former girlfriends and dating experiences.

Later in the evening while returning from the grocery store, I heard I Love the Nightlife by Alicia Bridges on the radio. Immediately I was whisked back to 1978 -- to The Poison Apple in Normal, Illinois. After having a meeting earlier in the day with a new friend, we went out to The Poison Apple and had one heck of an evening -- at least what I can remember of it. The highlight was that, in a very inebriated state, we kept yelling at the disc jockey to play I Love the Nightlife. There were some problems, however. First, we kept calling him the wrong name, Bugsy, when his name was Mugsy. Second, we were so out of it we couldn't remember the title of the song. We kept yelling out, "Hey Bugsy, play Acccccccccc Shunnnnnnnnnn."
That was over 30 years ago. Does life get any better than that? Sounds like I need to go to a blogger gathering -- which I imagine closely replicates those nights of so long ago ...

Top Ten Finish in OFC Buy-In Event @ Ultimate Bet

It has been some time since I have made a good, deep run in an Online Forum Challenge event. Believe it or not, I actually won one of these suckers -- OFC #7 Special Event Freeroll in November 2006. I was hoping to become the first two-time OFC event winner.
I was never a major factor in the event until we neared the final table. Careful, disciplined poker (and only one suckout) got me as high as sixth place, but it ended for me right on the final table bubble when I was short stacked and ran A-7sooted into the bling blind -- who just happened to be a big stack and had A-A! However, aside from a small cash for tenth place, I also got a bonus of having $50 deposited in my account each month for the next three months. I'll take it.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I Can Still Donk With The Best

Anatomy of a Gigli
Full Tilt Poker Game #10027637874: Blogger Skillz Game (71943671), Table 3 - 20/40 - Pot Limit Omaha Hi - 21:50:30 ET - 2009/01/13
Seat 1: lightning36 (2,180)
Seat 2: jimdniacc (2,670), is sitting out
Seat 3: PinkyStinky (2,585)
Seat 4: HighOnPoker (5,140)
Seat 5: twoblackaces (2,300)
Seat 7: swimmom95 (2,810)
swimmom95 posts the small blind of 20
lightning36 posts the big blind of 40
The button is in seat #5
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to lightning36 [6d Td Jc 7h]
jimdniacc folds
PinkyStinky calls 40
HighOnPoker folds
twoblackaces calls 40
swimmom95 calls 20
jimdniacc has been disconnected
lightning36 checks
*** FLOP *** [7d Js 8s] Pretty good flop for my Big Blind.
swimmom95 bets 80
lightning36 calls 80
PinkyStinky calls 80
twoblackaces folds
*** TURN *** [7d Js 8s] [7s] Ding! I'll slow play this monster with three spades on the board.
swimmom95 bets 200
lightning36 calls 200
PinkyStinky calls 200
*** RIVER *** [7d Js 8s 7s] [2c] Nice junk card.
swimmom95 bets 360
lightning36 has 15 seconds left to act I must really be thinking.
lightning36 raises to 1,860, and is all in Time to push.
PinkyStinky raises to 2,265, and is all in Got him ... I think.
swimmom95 folds Too bad -- I would accept your chips also.
Uncalled bet of 405 returned to PinkyStinky
*** SHOW DOWN ***
PinkyStinky shows [Ks Kh Jd Jh] a full house, Jacks full of Sevens Fauck
lightning36 mucks
PinkyStinky wins the pot (5,080) with a full house, Jacks full of Sevens
lightning36 stands up
jimdniacc stands up
PinkyStinky stands up
HighOnPoker stands up
twoblackaces stands up
swimmom95 stands up
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 5,080 Rake 0
Board: [7d Js 8s 7s 2c]
Seat 1: lightning36 (big blind) mucked [6d Td Jc 7h] - a full house, Sevens full of Jacks
Seat 2: jimdniacc didn't bet (folded)
Seat 3: PinkyStinky showed [Ks Kh Jd Jh] and won (5,080) with a full house, Jacks full of Sevens
Seat 4: HighOnPoker didn't bet (folded)
Seat 5: twoblackaces (button) folded on the Flop
Seat 7: swimmom95 (small blind) folded on the River

I guess this is why we love this game?

Monday, January 12, 2009

Burris Cleared by Senate Democrats
WASHINGTON (Jan. 12) - Eager to put the scandal-tainted standoff behind them, Senate Democrats accepted Roland Burris as President-elect Barack Obama's Senate successor on Monday and said they expect to swear in the new Illinois senator this week. "He is now the senator-designate from Illinois and, as such, will be accorded all the rights and privileges of a senator-elect," Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois said in a joint statement.
From TIME:
Roland Burris ...
• In 1978, won the first of his three terms as state comptroller; became attorney general in 1991.
• Lost a 1984 Senate race, a 1995 Chicago mayoral race (he was creamed by Richard Daley) and was defeated in the 1994, 1998, and 2002 gubernatorial elections (the last time by Blagojevich).
• According to several Chicago Tribune stories from the 90s, Burris can regard slights against him as signs of racism. In 1998, he called his challengers "non-qualified white boys."
Gee Roland, the people of the state of Illinois liked you long ago, but ... when they got tired of your ass, then suddenly the race card is played.
We didn't want you in 1994, 1998, and 2002. What makes you think we want you now?
The best comes from Roland Burris himself:
"We are hoping and praying that they will not be able to deny what the Lord has ordained," Burris said. "I am not hesitating. I am now the junior Senator from the state of Illinois. Some people may want to question that and that is their prerogative."
You're damn right I question it. And I seriously doubt that God would want to come anywhere near the sleazy politics of Illinois, let alone choose our next senator.
I love Illinois. I've lived my entire life here. But never in my life have I been so embarrassed to admit it.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Poker Challenge For All To See
Shark Poker Tour regular and resident cheerleader and clown jigdog issued the following challenge in the Shark Forum:

jigdog wrote:
i am the omaha/razz/horse/7stud/badugi/7-2loball/limit/ master!
do you dare challenge the jigdog?
I Thought Not!

Well jizzdog, I answered your challenge in the forum. Pick your game -- either Omaha 8 or Razz. I will win. Guaranteed. I am posting it here since I know you will wet your diaper and run to your mommy when you see that someone is willing to teach you a lesson. Before you run and hide, please acknowledge that you are not worthy of carrying my jockstrap ... he he.

A Really Crappy Tout
While listening to Chicago sports talk radio yesterday morning, I heard one of the many annoying sports touts advertising his services.

"Eagles at the Giants. This game will be a blowout. You will clearly know the winner by halftime. Call this number for my free pick. Blah blah blah blah ..."

Now, I am not the best at picking football games, but a hot team coming into the home of the reigning champs in cold weather sounded like a close game to me. How could he predict a massive first half blowout?

Halftime score: Eagles: 10 Giants: 8
Final score: Eagles: 23 Giants:11

Clearly, even making a toll-free call for the information this "expert" gives is a total waste of time.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

lucko21 wins the first Mookie of 2009
Yeah, lucko21 sent me to the rail at the final table. Seems like this has happened before. Of course, he once again did it by hitting some POS runner-runner gutshot straight. The man sure knows how to wield the power of the big chip stack. Congrats, lucko!
Just to be fair, I must mention that I put a nasty beat on CarmenSinCity. I had Pocket Rockets vs her 9-9. Of course, a 9 came on the flop and I was ready to exit. However, the Full Tilt gods took pity on me and handed me a great gift -- a backdoor four-flush. I swear that they read my entry from three days ago and thought they needed to make things right by me.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Skillz Victory - 2009 Season

Nobody Could Make This Shit Up

Gov. Rod Blagojevich's staffers to speak at ethics lecture for state workers
By Steve Schmadeke
January 6, 2009
Only in Illinois?
As legislators weigh impeaching Gov. Rod Blagojevich and federal prosecutors prepare to indict him on corruption charges, his acting chief of staff and a deputy governor will be keynote speakers Wednesday at an "Ethics in the Workplace" seminar for some 200 state employees.
The governor's acting chief of staff, Clayton Harris III, is new to his post; his predecessor, John Harris, was arrested the same day as the governor and resigned Dec. 12. Deputy Gov. Dean Martinez started his job a month ago.

Courtesy of the Chicago Tribune

The Benefits of a Bad Economy

People who have been following this blog for the past couple of years have read about my difficulties in selling my old house. It stayed on the market for a year and sold for much less than its value, thanks to the economy. When it finally did sell, I was forced to take out a second mortgage to make up the difference between what I thought would happen and the harsh economic reality.

Today, however, I got a taste of the upside of the faltering economy when I checked out the breathtakingly-low interest rates at my bank. I am going to refinance and combine my original mortgage and my second mortgage into one loan. The result: The second mortgage will be gone and I will only pay one monthly bill that is not much more than I pay now. Yowsa!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Warning: Bad Beat Bitching Ahead

I hate online poker. It sucks. Today ...

1) At JokerStars -- I went out of a CardsChat tournament when, all in with J-J vs 9-9, I got four-flushed.

2) At JokerStars -- In the Sunday Two Hundred Grand, I hit the second nut flush and went all in after the turn. I got called by a guy who wouldn't lay down his set. He hit his boat on the river. I then went out when I ran A-J into A-K.

3) At Full Tilt -- In the CardsChat USA vs World tournament, I was short stacked and went all in with J-J. I was called by A-J. The river -- don't bother guessing.


Saturday, January 03, 2009

My Wild Card Weekend Picks

Wild Card weekend in the NFL provides some of the greatest football in the season. There is great potential to have close, exciting games. The potential is also there, however, to have a massive blowout or two. Momentum and match ups are often more important than regular season records. Calling these games -- a difficult task. I decided to go with these four propositions:

Atlanta Falcons vs Arizona Cardinals
Atlanta Falcons vs Arizona Cardinals -- 51 points - OVER
Indianapolis Colts - 1 1/2 vs San Diego Chargers
Baltimore Ravens - 3 1/2 vs Miami Dolphins

Yes, I am picking three road teams and actually giving up some points. I certainly don't claim to have any expertise, but I do believe that on Wild Card Weekend, you should pick the teams you think will win and say "screw it" to the points. I hate to give up the points to the Dolphins, though. I did notice, however, that the point spread to the Bolts/Colts game did go up a half point and the Cards/Falcons o/u did go up since early this morning. Does that mean the smart money is now starting to come in or does it mean the chump money is moving the lines? I decided not to touch the Vikes/Eagles game.

I am prepared to look like a chump come late Sunday night.

Good luck with your picks!


I won the two "easy" picks (Over in Cards/Falcons game and Ravens vs Dolphins) and lost the two "hard" picks (Bolts vs Colts and Cards vs Falcons). Good thing I don't do this for a living.